(H) 273+ Dk Main LF guild and m+ Team

Sup! Im a Main Dk, playing Frost atm, looking for an “Aotc/mythic start” raiding guild and M+ team, i have mythic experience , also doing M+ 15 and 20’s atm 2930 M+ score atm. Preferable toxic free enviroment, Im open to criticism to improve performance, Always up for a quick run to help guildies and being nice to others.
Feel free to add me on Bnet Nai#21825 or Dc Nairreth#3316.

About Gank Squad Gaming:
We are a mythic N’zoth guild who has just retuned. we have had over 1000+ members and very active in guild and on discord. we are a family based guild.
Our Raid Prog currently : 11\11 N Sepulcher & 7\11 Heroic Sepulcher

Raid Information:

Requirements for raids\events: Guild note and discord Is required.

Heroic Raids: Saturday & sun day 7-10pm est.

Normal Raids: 7-10Pm est.

Current spots open for Raids:

Ranged and Melee DPS

What to expect from us: You can expect that we are a raid progression guild we can help you or answer any questions you have we Have officers That have been old raiders for along time that can help you. And Also help you to Better your Raiding. we don’t Tolerate drama, or abuse of any kind. we are a friendly family oriented guild.

Application for the raid Team:

Answer all in full detail & in the given format. Any half or missed question’s will result in a instant REJECTED APP. Raid day’s are Sat + Sun 7pm - 10pm server time.


Toon Name:



Item lv and current progression:

Amount of Set Item’s:

Raider io / link:

Link any Log’s:

Previous Raiding EXP & KSM prog?

Do you have a WORKING microphone?

Are you able to make ALL dates and time’s without fail?

Why do you want to join The Raid Team?

Why should we choose you?

Any questions contact: Amber#11313 or Death#18438 on Battlenet.


You might be a good fit for our Alliance guild, Utsukushii Saisei, 2/11M 10/11H SotFO, is a long standing tight knit group of players who banded together during late BC and early WotLK to form a raiding team. We value personal integrity and the ability to voice opinions amid the chaos of raid progression. While it is never our goal to achieve illustrious realm first titles, we raid with the intent to challenge ourselves and accomplish great feats as a team. Our community, while rowdy, is good to one another. We have met in person at Blizzcon multiple times and aim to do so following the lifting of pandemic restrictions in the future.

Raiding typically runs 3 hours on Tuesday/Thursday from 8PM PST. Saturday and Sundays are optional alt raids and low rating RBGs.

Our guild has not used a formal loot system for four expansions. Those looking for a rigid structured loot council or point system are recommended to look elsewhere. Although this lack of a system creates the possibility of large gear disparities between raiders, individual generosity tends to balance things out when the dice fail to do so. An old raider once said, “Loot always drops again”, a very simple look at WoW in general. Our story lies in the adventures we share rather than in the items generated by the game.

We take great pride in the community that we’ve established. The memories of our journeys outweigh numeric achievements and we’re confident in our ability to provide an established environment for players of all backgrounds and goals.

If you’re still interested, contact:

GM: Kalcifur (Bnet: TKMori#1560 Discord: Katsuto1055#8769)
Officer: Friarbeta (Bnet: xerox445#1890 Discord: Drucidal#7589)
Discord Code: JhJDKGrtU7

Hey Nairret! I sent you a discord request - I’d love to chat with you!

[H] [US] Thrall - Tues late night 3 hr/week recruiting for Mythic

We are a team of previous mythic raiders looking for a more casual atmosphere to see new content yet retain the organized nature of raiding we enjoy. Our goal is to provide a highly efficient raid that will provide members with gear they need to better participate in any area in the game, without committing to the grueling cutting edge tax. We are not looking to push hard for CE as we value fun & community above all else, however ideally we get AOTC pretty quickly and then move on to get about halfway through the tier on mythic.

Current Raid Prog
9/11 H

Officer Experience
11/12 M Nyalotha
10/10 M Castle Nathria

Tank: DK, Monk, Warr, DH
DPS HIGH NEED: Rogue, DK, Shaman
DPS Medium: Spriest, Mage, Boomy
Healer: Pally, Priest

*Any STRONG candidates may apply regardless of class. You MUST provide logs to us via our app for any consideration!

What we can offer you: A fun but serious and progression oriented raiding environment. Think Liquid/Limit atmosphere but we’re bad at the game. FENIX is here to have fun and progress as far as we can without bashing our heads into the wall. We absolutely do not tolerate any racism/sexism/homophobia/toxicity etc in our community and will result in an immediate kick. If you play for parses, bring others down, expect cutting edge, and/or are elitist, this is not the guild for you. Our goal is to build a fun community with lasting friendships, so we are planning on doing guild events with prizes such as 1v1 tournaments, transmog contests, m+ competitions, and more!

Main raid: Tues 10pm-1am EST
Next patch or expansion we will likely move to a 2 day raid schedule.
This is not a “show up when you feel like it” raid team. While we understand IRL things come up, we take attendance seriously and it will be monitored.

As part of our commitment to building a community, every member will be screened via a discord interview to make sure they are a good fit for our team. Be sure to have a working mic!

Please fill out this form and let us know if you are interested and we will get back to you!

BTag: Nyrro#11352

Hello Nairret! For your consideration [H] Coomer Illidan is recruiting for our Team 2 raid group :). Looking to fill out our mythic raid roster.

Raid Days/Times: Tuesday & Thursday 10:00PM CST - 1:00AM CST (optional raid night on Sundays)

About Us: We are semi-hardcore raiders with a chill environment. Solid core group of raiders with a Cutting Edge focus and having fun doing it. We are currently in the process of creating a second raid roster that raids simultaneously as our first roster with the hopes of being able to swap players as needed while both teams progress into Mythic.

Current Progression: Team 1 - 5/11 M 11/11 H 11/11 N Team 2 - 10/11H 10/11N

Recruitment Priority: Tank, ranged DPS. warr, priest, Hunters.

Requirements: Punctuality and always striving to improve. Ideally a history of some raiding, whether it be AOTC or Mythic.

Recruitment Contact: Discord- FyVccDzSdH || FrankyJ#11434 - Bnet

Preferably join the Discord and follow the recruitment channel to apply as it is the quickest and most organized method for us. However I will also be accepting bnet requests if that is more comfortable for you.

Hey there Nairret!

[The Numpty Brigade] is an AoTC-focused guild on Illidan looking for a Death Knight!

We raid on Friday/Saturday 7:30-10:30PM CST. Our current prog is 10/11H with the intent of hitting Mythic bosses after AoTC.

In addition to raiding, we’re very fond of pushing keys, with the majority of our members having achieved Keystone Master, and several pushing for Keystone Hero!

If you are interested, feel free to apply: https://apply.wowaudit.com/us/illidan/the-numpty-brigade/main

If you have any questions, feel free to contact one of our officers:

ACKLE: Ackleholic#3313 (Discord)

KREG: Kreg#2602 (Discord)

Hey, lonely ghosts here, area 52 Horde, mon/wed 7-10pm east, we are 4/11 mythic almost 5/11 (p3 panth) multple Ce players and leader, good guild lookn to have fun getting CE but not gogin about it hardcore