CE (past) warlock LF 2 day raiding guild

Hi there! Returning to the game after a hiatus. Like a lot of folks, I explored FFXIV for awhile and then quit playing for a while and focused on real life.

That being said, I’d like to return to raiding! ?Looking for a good group of guys and gals to enjoy current content with. Nothing is better than being with people that can have a little fun, but when it comes to killing bosses, we get down to business.

I have lead my own guild before, I have achieved a few CE and have AOTC on pretty much every expansion since MoP.

I have mained resto shaman (couple of #1 world ranking in Heart of Fear), disc priest (alt 10 man group that barely missed server 1st in Siege of Orgrimmar), US#150 ish Arcane Mage during the same expansion. I consider myself a mythic raider, but, I don’t have the time in my life to raid 4 days a week anymore.

I’m hoping to find a guild that raids two days a week that plans on going past AOTC and working mythic bosses. I would settle for a guild that can clear Heroic two days a week. (lots of variables go into this, send me a message and see if this works!)

I will be playing warlock for this patch coming up. I hope that you can see past my current ilvl / current raid progression and see that I would be a great addition to any raid team!

Current ilvl: 247 warlock (I’ve only been back two weeks, grinded out my 4pc and double legendaries but haven’t done any raiding yet. Cut me some slack :p)
Name: Illogic - Maelstrom


AOTC Blackrock Foundry (spriest)
AOTC Highmaul (spriest)
CE Siege of Orgrimmar 10 and 25 man (disc priest / arcane mage)
CE Nighthold (fire mage)
AOTC Battle of Dazar’alor (ele shaman)
AOTC Eternal Palace (ele shaman)
AOTC Throne of Thunder (resto shaman / fire mage)
AOTC Terrace of Endless Spring (resto shaman)
AOTC Heart of Fear (resto shaman)

Looking forward to hearing from you, and helping to solidify your raid team and be a valued, contributing, reliable member :slight_smile:


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Hey there Arcaneum!

[The Numpty Brigade] is an AoTC-focused Horde guild on Illidan headed by a couple of mythic raiders who were sick of the stress of hardcore raiding and wanted to go for a more casual/fun route.

We raid on Friday/Saturday 7:30-10:30PM CST. This past tier we were 11/11H and come S4 we are eager to focus on some Mythic bosses!

In addition to raiding, we’re very fond of pushing keys, with the majority of our members having achieved Keystone Master, and several pushing for Keystone Hero! While we do love our high keys for max item level loot and better ratings, we’re more than happy to help out others with achieving their KSMs or running lower keys to help gear up and learn mechanics.

With cross-faction now here, we do also have an in-game community set up and an Alliance guild formed should you prefer to play Alliance!

If you are interested, feel free to apply:


If you have any questions, feel free to contact one of our officers:

ACKLE: Ackleholic#3313 (Discord)

KREG: Kreg#2602 (Discord)

Hey, Arcaneum!

Calamitous intent is actively seeking players to round out our raid team. We run tons of mythic plus and are willing to help gear. We raid on Tues and Thurs from 7:30EST to 10/10:30 EST.

We would love to have a chat with you. If you want to discuss reach out in Battle Tag to nephilim#1432 or denny#1703.

You can check out the recruitment post here:

[A] Reborn and [H] Calamitous Intent of Dalaran 11/11 H are recruiting for Season 4 and Dragonflight - Recruitment / Guild Recruitment - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

Hey Arcaneum!

I’d love to chat with you! If you want to add me on disc, @Letholas#9581 - I’d love to talk!

Hello! - We are alliance Stormrage

We are a Mythic raiding guild, currently 4/11M SFO. We are looking for exceptional players
to help fill out our team of 24-26 players. Everyone has stated the chill, mature atmosphere of the guild while having a fun time!
We also love running keys and hanging out playing different games!

Raid Times:
Tuesday/Thursday 10pm-1am EST - Mythic

Sunday 10pm-1am EST - Heroic

We also invite those who just want to run keys(most of the guild is KSM), or grab AOTC but not mythic raiding.

Feel free to add me on bnet Shazzammy#11618 or discord Shazzammy#1860!


You might be a good fit for our Alliance guild, Utsukushii Saisei, 4/11M 11/11H SotFO, is a long standing tight knit group of players who banded together during late BC and early WotLK to form a raiding team. We value personal integrity and the ability to voice opinions amid the chaos of raid progression. While it is never our goal to achieve illustrious realm first titles, we raid with the intent to challenge ourselves and accomplish great feats as a team. Our community, while rowdy, is good to one another. We have met in person at Blizzcon multiple times and aim to do so following the lifting of pandemic restrictions in the future.

Raiding typically runs 3 hours on Tuesday/Thursday from 8PM-10PM PST. Saturday and Sundays are optional alt raids and low rating RBGs.

Our guild has not used a formal loot system for four expansions. Those looking for a rigid structured loot council or point system are recommended to look elsewhere. Although this lack of a system creates the possibility of large gear disparities between raiders, individual generosity tends to balance things out when the dice fail to do so. An old raider once said, “Loot always drops again”, a very simple look at WoW in general. Our story lies in the adventures we share rather than in the items generated by the game.

We take great pride in the community that we’ve established. The memories of our journeys outweigh numeric achievements and we’re confident in our ability to provide an established environment for players of all backgrounds and goals.

If you’re still interested, contact:

GM: Kalcifur (Bnet: TKMori#1560 Discord: Katsuto1055#8769)
Officer: Friarbeta (Bnet: xerox445#1890 Discord: Drucidal#7589)
Discord Code: JhJDKGrtU7

[H][US][BlackwaterRaiders] 3/11 M LF Raiders

Progression: 11/11 N, 11/11 H, 3/11 M

Raid times: Tues and Thursday 8 pm-11:30 am EST with a 30min flex period after 11:30 pm for continuing boss attempts or BoE farming. We also have a JV Raid Team that runs on Wednesday and Monday nights at the same times for alts and people who don’t make the progression team.

Hello, I am the Guild Lead for The Deadmen. We are a Horde guild on BlackwaterRaiders (in the US).

Our guild is the largest and most active on our server, and now we are looking to take the title of the best progression-wise as well and get some realm firsts. Our guild has some seriously talented PvPers and Mythic+ runners. We have people cranking out keys all week and pushing keys from the mid-teens to the low 20s.

We are seeking friendly, capable players interested in completing mythic content and who like to spend time with their guildies. Our goal is to be the top guild on our server for progression AND community. We also strive to maintain a competitive and fun environment.

Please message me on discord if you are interested: TheGantaGun#3912
Battle Tag: TheGantaGun#1518

Hey Arcaneum,

If youre still looking, add my btag Cashinashes#1535 or discord Ashton#8298, and lets talk!

Hey Arcane! Didn’t see anything about your schedule, but we are doing exactly what you said: AOTC and then some Mythic raiding. Check us out!

Hi Arcaneum,

If you are still looking for a guild please feel free to reach out to me on discord Natajapar#7865. Our guild is on server Borean Tundra. We are an alliance guild. We have been around for many years since the server was first created in WoTLK and we’ve achieved every AOTC since Garrosh in MoP.

Our raid style is semi-hardcore, a bit more relaxed and fun and a good amount of steady progression as well. We like to have fun as we raid and progress. We are a great community and we always encourage a positive attitude and welcoming environment.

OWhat we offer:

  • an fun and engaging social environment
  • a community of friends to do other content (i.e. mythics/pvp)
  • progression raid nights Wed/Thurs 6pm to 8:30pm PST
  • Saturday night Fun Run/Alt Run 6pm to 8:30pm PST

What we ARE looking for:

  • Raiders that are looking for a new home or want a more relaxed experience from hardcore raiding
  • A willingness to succeed and learn, progress, and have fun
  • An attitude of gratitude and a team player
  • Experience with progression raiding (we will check logs to prove this)

What we are NOT looking for:

  • Elitism, or bad mouthing
  • Guild/team hoppers
  • Limited attendance
  • Little or no motivation to progress or get better

If this interests you please reach out to me on discord Natajapar#7865 and we can discuss further!


Please contact me on discord if you are looking to elevate to mythic again: Meaty#1495

Guild is Reforge- Tichondrius
We raid Tuesday/Wednesday 8pm PST to 11:30pm PST.

hey Arcaneum! I am the guild leader of In Noctem of Illidan Horde and would love to offer you a home with us in Dragonflight and the rest of SHadowlands if you are interested! Many of us have AoTC but we would love to push into mythic come time in Dragonflight! Our raid times are tuesday and thursday 9-12 Central time with Sunday being cleanup/progression if needed. We run constant M+ as well as help with anything needed. Many love leveling as well as PvP and mount/achievement farming. We have a wide variety of players and we are always active!
If you are interested hmu on Bnet @Kaepari#11338