[Feedback Thread Continued Part III] Mercy Updates - Jan 30, 2018

Hi everyone, hi Jeff !
I know you are reading the forums right now (I hope I’m not too late), and we’ve been debating a lot about Mercy in the megathreads, but to be honest, we don’t feel really acknowledged.

There are thousands (literally) posts of feedback describing our thoughts about the new Mercy. We have been talking about how unfun to play Mercy is for a lot of us, how her rework didn’t fix most of her issues (according to us), and how unimpactful and unrewarding it now feels to play Mercy…
Could you please take it a look ?

We truly love the Overwatch team, but it has been months since the last change to Mercy, and as I said previously, we would be very happy to have your thoughts on this matter.
You asked us to provide you our feedback. We did more than enough I think. Now we need your opinion regarding Mercy. :heart:

~ Arcalias


I made a proposal that if you have a rez that if you use valk then it is instant when you rez but if you already use it then it don’t matter the cool down is still the same

My honest guess is that they believe Mercy is in a perfectly fine state. They want to pretend like they are listening and care about player feedback, so they create a new Mercy “feedback” trashcan thread every other month or so to throw all the valid and realistic feedback about her in it, never to be read or looked at.

They are busy working on new content and fixing old heroes, while childishly pretending to care about what we- their valid customers think.


Mercy is fine and is getting incredible playtime in OWL. They won’t change her.


i personally think mercy is fine. i have never had more fun as mercy ever

Mercy is the 3rd most played hero in the current competitive season and in the game for the past month. Her win rate hovers very close to 50%.

We don’t feel like Mercy needs changes right now.


I think the base kit is fine.
its just the ult that feels really underwhelming


Wow, that was… fast.

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I guess we can’t do anything now

then can we remove the megathread?


Welp, there you go


Fix Sombra’s bugs please!

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I cannot believe we had to summon Jeff Kaplan to state the obvious, we have gone too far.

The sky is blue, the grass is green, Mercy is viable.


Papa Jeff’s confirmed it.


hopefully you guys can finally get closure now, since feedback is all you wanted right?

Have you read any of the mega thread? Mercy’s viability isn’t her problem. It’s the fact that she’s incredibly boring to play.


So what about Sombra? You mentioned her and Doomfist not being in a good spot? She is not even used in grandmasters.

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oh lord this’ll be good.

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Then don’t play her.