What happened between then and now?


So, what happened in the last two months that took Mercy from “she’s fine cuz pickrate/winrate, we’re not changing her” to


Butcher supports which will make Tanks even more nonexistent. Damage power creep is coming.


People started crying for no reason about her on forums. So Blizzard responded with a nerf that nobody asked for.


The rework happened :man_shrugging:

It’s just the ongoing effects of this trainwreck of a rework


I’m guessing they don’t have a good understanding of how balance changes affect the game so their predictions are generally wrong and statements they make about balance changes have little data backing them up when they are written.

Which means you can’t trust what they say as being the actual truth of the situation.

Effectively don’t take anything written to heart as sooner or later it may be contradicted.


Also, Doomfist will must likely get an nerfed in the near future.


They knew she was still op, they just wanted to pretend the rework was still a success.

Lol how ignorant. Give us the revert.


OWL started playing more solo healer comps with Mercy.


I’m not really sure what happened, because she’s been neck and neck with Moira’s healing from the stats I can see while Moira also provides orders of magnitude more damage. This nerf will most likely cause Moira to overtake Mercy’s healing output. A hybrid main healer will overtake the game’s pure healer, and Mercy will fall into obscurity in high-ranked play where people actually care about winning.

There was a reason. It was Mercy’s pick rate. It doesn’t matter that she isn’t actually the most powerful support (which is Zen, by the way, who is not receiving changes). It doesn’t matter that people pick her just because they like her appearance. It doesn’t matter that she isn’t actually a must-pick to win. The simple fact that Mercy was the most-picked support was enough for people to complain, nevermind the fact that damage heroes STILL have vastly superior pick rates compared to Mercy relative to the other heroes that can fill the same slot in a team.

No, people have asked for this. The same people who keep crying that Mercy is a must-pick, when she isn’t, have asked to nerf her healing beam.