QoL for the LFG

the problem with LFG is that group leaders don’t have the tools they need to run groups with any consistency, NAMELY:---------------

  1. mutually accumulated win/loss/tie record with everyone we meet (to make sure we aren’t getting sabotaged)-----------------

  2. individual hero sr (informational purposes only, so we can see how good you can play heroes at a glance)------------------

  3. a player directory (basically reverse LFG, why can people look for groups, but groups can’t look for people)------------------

  4. mass whispering/inviting your friends list (LFG should be just as much about filling up your friends list as it is about finding a group)-----------------------

  5. your friends’ SR displayed next to their name in your friends list and/or the ability to take notes on your friends----------

  6. the ability to test and control the ping of you and your teammates----------

  7. I’d also like to see everyone’s MMR, or at the very least each team’s chance to win. Because if my team faces another team that has a 60% chance to win, I may not scrutinize that game as closes as if we lost a 50/50 chance game.---------------

  8. SMS linked accounts would be cool, then you could decide if you only wanted SMS linked accounts on your team.------------------------

  9. The ability to have a sub title for your LFG group. Title length right now could be a little longer, but I’d like to be able to hover over the title and have a 255 character window pop up where we could give more detail to our group we’re running.-----------------------

I think LFG got a bad rap because it still groups you up with strangers. This QoL will allow us to hold our teammates accountable (the real objective and desired outcome of using an LFG)

Don’t consider how popular LFG is now. Take a look at how popular it was when it first came out. Because that is the demand for wanting trustworthy teammates.

Overwatch is a game for six friends, not six strangers.

If I had this QoL, I would never use the match maker again.

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The fact you feel you need that much data to decide someone ‘deserves’ playing with you shows a serious unwillingness to look at your own flaws. Even if you had all these things lfg will never be an sr fairy. You still need to improve at the game


If I could kick myself off my own team, I would.

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So basically you want to create a team that can boost you lol


actually it could be used for that, but no, I want to run this certain composition and strategy and it’s very difficult to do right now with the QoL offered for LFG

and more to your point, it’s impossible to get boosted because the way SR works. I mean getting boosted might net you an extra 100-200sr, but who cares about superficial gains.

The best part of a team game takes place off the battlefield, and Overwatch isn’t very sympathetic to this.

Did you just say it’s impossible to get boosted? Thats just silly you must be one of those ‘forced 50 percent’ crazys then


I said boosting is only for superficial gains.

If a 1500 bronze could team up with five 4000sr GMs…they could only carry him so far

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I mean 5 gms would take a bronze to diamond or masters so


yeah good point

anyway, I really just want it to make a comp

anywho, these QoL features are the types of things group leaders need to make groups.

I want these QoL features to play with the same people over and over.

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Alt accounts destroyed LFG (and will break OW). Players can (and do) lie about anything.

“I have blah, blah, blah on my main account.” and “you don’t know how to play _____ hero. I am a ______ main on my main account.” My favorite is, “this is my smurf account. I’ll carry you guys.”


not really sure what you’re getting at

Overwatch ladder should be built on “free to play” in mind. you should know this, you play on console where you can create as many accounts as you want

that’s why I say, start everyone off at zero SR. you wouldn’t even need to get to level 25 first. you buy the game, jump into competitive at zero SR and you’re off.

Trust me, the fundamentally broken mess that is the LFG system will require much more than just “QOL” changes for it to become even remotely good.

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I think if I had each and everyone of those QoL features I listed, I would exclusively use that instead of matchmaker.

The idea behind LFG is to fill up your friends list, QoL or not.

I can fill up my friends list now with LFG, however, I need the win/loss record to make sure I remove people from my friends list once they have too many losses with me. (also avoiding teaming up with them if they enter my group)

sometimes (well, all the time) I want to run very specific comps on certain maps. I would need individual hero SR to know I had the right man for the job.

the player directory is the big one, not only do I want to run very organized groups, I’d actually prefer to have someone else be the leader, and with the player directory, I could list my credentials in a large data base, hoping that some group leader somewhere needs someone who can play bastion lucio and Orisa.

mass whispering is a big one

not sure if you’re just hating on Overwatch or what, but how would you make more coordinated team play possible?

I’d like a ‘casual’ LFG, you just plug in what heroes you play and what heroes you want, and it’ll do the rest.

Sure, I would exclude Torb and Symm, and only really want Mei on Paris and Hanamura; but it’d mean I could ask for DPS confident in Sombra to counter Hammond, Doomfist, Genji for example, and make sure Reaper could be dealt with by someone prepared to peel.

I then get to play heroes I want, with players on heroes they want, and we all know what we expect from each other.

LFG kinda takes too long and doesn’t really get those points across without conversation that just bogs it down more.

Now I’m sure I’m going to get people now telling me how great Mei is elsewhere or how good Torb is; but simple fact is that I rarely have good experiences with them and it puts me off.

LFG should be focused on loading up your friends list. However, I tried with horrible results. Because 1/3 of your friends are offline. and 1/3 of the friends that you do have online are in game. That’s where a lot of my LFG QoL ideas come from.

With the idea of as soon as you log on and want to play Comp, you just mass-invite your friends. “Starting a Comp group ~1950sr” and then you can also go into LFG to find that 6th player.

I totally understand what you mean. What would the UI look like though? You pick 1 to 30 heroes you like to play. Then pick 1 to 30 heroes that you want/don’t want on your team. Then the LFG autogroups the whole lot of you?

what if the autogroup is off by 1 hero, you toss that player away?

not really sure how it would work?

I stopped using lfg when a group leader kicked me out because like 7 seasons ago my ana play wasn’t very strong. Ive taken all my accounts to diamond or masters strictly 100% solo queue

I was trying to fill the dps slot with 64% wr soldier and 67%wr ashe.

I think group leader sr was 27 or 2800 … i was 3000ish

I loved when the titles say “looking at profiles picky”. Kind of people i try to avoid even irl.

I like to imagine they lost the match :slight_smile:


with my player directory I would invite you if I like your profile, no need to put in an application :slight_smile:

Slow down there: let’s start with players being able to see their own MMR at all, let alone being able to see your entire teams or a Matchmaker over/under prediction.

I’m all for baby steps, but seeing potential teammate’s MMR is extremely important when trying to look for people you want on your team.

Why is that, do you honestly believe yourself to be that good of a judge of performance based on a number? Why not improve the only variable you have control over - yourself? I guarantee that if you work on improving yourself, you’ll climb naturally and regardless of what your teammates’ numbers look like.

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