Transfer Restrictions and Free Character Transfers Now Available -- Updated Nov. 22

Updated November 22

Free Character Transfers are now available from Angerforge to Skyfury.

Updated October 12

The Skyfury realm has been unlocked for new character creation.

Updated October 5

At 2:00 p.m. PDT (5:00 p.m. EDT) tomorrow, October 6, we will close all Free Character Transfers to the Eranikus realm.

Updated September 28

At about 7:00 p.m. PDT (10:00 p.m. EDT) today, we intend to disable the Skyfury to Angerforge Free Character Transfer path. It will not be possible to initiate a transfer from Skyfury to Angerforge after that time.

Updated September 26

We’ve opened Free Character Transfers from the Sulfuras realm to all of the current destination realms. The complete list is now:

Benediction Azuresong Normal
Benediction Bloodsail Buccaneers RP
Benediction Earthfury PvP
Benediction Myzrael Normal
Benediction Old Blanchy Normal
Grobbulus Azuresong Normal
Grobbulus Bloodsail Buccaneers RP
Grobbulus Earthfury PvP
Grobbulus Myzrael Normal
Grobbulus Old Blanchy Normal
Faerlina Azuresong Normal
Faerlina Bloodsail Buccaneers RP
Faerlina Earthfury PvP
Faerlina Myzrael Normal
Faerlina Old Blanchy Normal
Mankrik Azuresong Normal
Mankrik Bloodsail Buccaneers RP
Mankrik Earthfury PvP
Mankrik Myzrael Normal
Mankrik Old Blanchy Normal
Pagle Azuresong Normal
Pagle Bloodsail Buccaneers RP
Pagle Earthfury PvP
Pagle Myzrael Normal
Pagle Old Blanchy Normal
Sulfuras Azuresong Normal
Sulfuras Bloodsail Buccaneers RP
Sulfuras Earthfury PvP
Sulfuras Myzrael Normal
Sulfuras Old Blanchy Normal
Whitemane Azuresong Normal
Whitemane Bloodsail Buccaneers RP
Whitemane Earthfury PvP
Whitemane Myzrael Normal
Whitemane Old Blanchy Normal

While we intend to keep these Free Character Transfers open throughout the launch of Northrend content, we strongly encourage players who wish to use a Free Character Transfer to do so as soon as possible. Free Character Transfers may be closed without warning as we continue to evaluate the populations of realms.

Updated September 22

Eranikus is now open for new character creation and transfers from other realms.

Please refer to this regularly-updated article for the status of all realms.

Updated September 16

In response to overwhelming feedback from players, Free Character Transfers are now available from Skyfury to Angerforge. We will monitor this transfer connection very closely, and it may be closed without notice.

Updated September 13

To reduce further overcrowding, we’ve temporarily disabled new character creation on the Fresh Start realm Skyfury. New or returning players who wish to try out a Fresh Start on a PvP realm may now select the Angerforge realm, or the Maladath realm if they’d like a bit less PvP.

Updated September 9 - 1:00 p.m.

Free character transfers from Benediction to Sulfuras are again available, for Alliance player characters.

To provide players who wish to escape the queues with a pristine environment to begin creating communities together, we have now opened a new destination realm for Free Character Transfers from overpopulated realms: Eranikus (PvP).

This realm can only be accessed via free transfer from Benediction, Faerlina, or Grobbulus. Additionally, all four of these realms are now locked for character creation, which means that it is only possible to create a character on the realm if you already have a character on that realm.

Please note: we will close free transfers to Eranikus when we see it approaching a population that is so high that it might begin queueing. This may occur without a great deal of warning.

Over the last week, transfers to the Sulfuras realm have been successful enough that it is approaching full population. To prevent Sulfuras from requiring a queue, we will close have closed Free Character Transfers to Sulfuras tomorrow, Thursday, September 8 at 12:00 Noon PDT.

Thank you very much for going forth and populating this new realm!

Adjustments have been made to some high-population realms in this region.

To prevent further overcrowding, we are now restricting transfers to:


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IS it possible to invest in better server infrastructure in the future to allow these mega servers to continue to prosper?


rather have a 16th Yatch than better servers


I doubt people will xfer, people don’t want to leave the friends they have made and they also need their guilds to xfer to make this work, not to mention the problem that xferring has created. I had to give up my free level 60 boost because I didn’t have the money to move it. Not to mention server balance; something has to be done with server balance, we want answers because nobody will xfer to a server with a huge horde to alliance ratio and vice versa. I also lost progress on many characters I leveled 60 previously. Transfers have killed my server and now it’s doing even more damage.


You’ll be sorry if you take the transfer lol.


to be fair the choices of realms weve been given to choose from is pretty sad. to go from bene to a 99% horde pvp server or less than 400 player pve realm is kinda messed up. Any one who takes that transfer is going to regret it…


sad is a huge understatement


hey blizzard blue people…

this transfer…does it ignore/bypass 90 day timer transfer cooldown timer?

asking for a friend…lol.


You really should enable migration to ANY server, stop picking these trash tier servers to xfer to and people might ACTUALLY use them.


Blizz is playing the long con by giving us free xfers now only to have us all stuck in dead realms later and have to pay to xfer back. I SEE YOU >:(


Surely these people will want to leave their populated servers for dead ones!



Dang, grob is part of the list. I wonder if this will be the start of Firemaw 2.0


grob already 45-55
with this transfers it will be 100% horde in a week


why transfer off our servers when queues will die down within a week?


Bruh come on lol


And then surge again at the release of wrath.


which will yet again die out within a week or two.


Can you just allow more layers like you did in the past?


Even with layers theres a limit to how many people can be on a server. We saw that with firemaw, and how laggy the AH is on the megaservers atm.


What a bad solution to a problem that can be solved by just having Mega servers with a better server infrastructure… you know, like most games do now. Also the most stpid thing about this is that in order to transfer I need to delete auctions and emails that I have and I cannot do it unless I wait 2 hours to log in… This seems like the Apple solution, you created a problem with bad server inf. servers get full, then you give us a bad solution for free (that nobody will grab) or charge us for a solution to a problem you caused.