Transfer from Full to Full?

So I didn’t know what happened to my 3 level 60’s that were on vanilla classic, server Bleaumax i believe it was. So I just made new ones on Whitemane, leveled 3 characters to 80.

I did a item restore the other day and saw my vanilla classic toons come up, on the Sulfuras realm. The realm list in game had the character column blank for Sulfuras but they were there anyways.

It seems that Whtemane and Sulfuras are both full realms that are closed to transfer. I don’t really see much harm coming from transferring from a Full->Full. Is there anyway for my level 60s on Sulfuras get transfered to Whitemane? Both realms I made all horde characters.

Probably nothing you can do but I wouldn’t have made the Whitemane characters if the realm list wasn’t bugged out and showed my characters.

If you transfer from a full to a full, then the one you are transferring to would be over-full. It could cause instability issues or longer queue times to get in to that realm. If you would like to leave a suggestion for the developers who can make such decisions to view, you would do so either using the in-game tool, or by posting on the General Discussion Forum. They do not come here nor are the blue posters here liaison to them.

Just to explain this part - there was a realm consolidation not too long before the Wrath pre-patch. They deleted several realms, but before they did there was an open period for people to move their characters to realms of their choice. If a player didn’t take advantage of this service, then they were force moved to a preselected realm. Bleaumax was one of those on the chopping block, and the characters from it that remained were pushed over onto Sulfuras.

Unfortunately now, they have realms locked for population control, as Jetsum explained. The locks will likely not be in place forever, but there is no estimated time of unlocking. What you can do is keep an eye on this post or the support article that will be updated (or a new post crop up) with any updates.