Classic character sent to Sulfuras

My main character from WoW classic was sent to an East Coast server when TBCC launched. I would really like to have my main on the West Coast server Whitemane where i get better connection, so that I can play my favorite character again.

The transfer function wont allow me to send my shaman from sulfuras to whitemane, is there any way around this?

Whats the actual error message you are getting? Is Whitemane one of the locked servers? A few due to high population atm are locked as server destinations

I want to say that I saw where some people had the transfer cooldown applied when they did the force-transfer. You may have to open a ticket about it.


Warning about server consolidation was given far in advance, and it does look like now Whitemane is on the restricted list unless this thread isn’t updated

Unfortunately the consolidation did trigger the cool down on transfers.


it does say Whitemane is locked for transfers at the moment, wasnt sure if me already having characters on whitemane would side step that since its not technically adding another player