Less layers right before Ulduar?

it doesnt make any sense as to why Blizzard has given mega servers less layers than they had before right before the release of Ulduar? Is this their plan to make players lag sooo terribly that they get frustrated and transfer off?


Maybe! Are there still free transfers?

Seems like there are!


From my understanding is that they want to get rid of all layers. Just have 1 layer. Which would be ok, if their dedicated server could handle the stress. Unfortunately their dedicated server can’t even handle their own coding mistakes.

So having them reduce the layers before ulduar pops is just down right stupid and pathetic. The servers on retail perform 10x better than classic does. That alone tells you that it’s a server issue and a coding issue.

One thing I can’t comprehend is the amount of disrespect that blizzard has shown the classic community. That just baffles me in so many ways.

Their servers could handle the player base but they have to set the servers up correctly. They just can’t rush into and expect a server to handle xyz amount of players and call it a mega server.

So blizzard could call all their servers mega server cuz of the population base on each server and the amount of instances on each server. That’s the short version. In all reality it’s more in depth than that. A mega server can handle upwards of 30-50k players without lag. That’s one server. Other mega servers I’ve seen have around a few hundred thousand players.

I don’t mean to bash or call out blizzard but it’s about time the player base starts to hold them accountable for the mess that they created and refuse to fix. I mean yeah it’s a 15+ year old game and so forth but look at all these other games that handle thousands of players and minimal lag on max graphics and wow you can’t do that. Hell you can’t even do that with 240 players on a dedicated pvp server for winter grasp!


All these xfer to Azuresong, when I left that server it was dead beyond belief, like 30+ min between lfg messages.

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Based off of the content of your post, you don’t understand.


Good, spread out the population, get rid of layers, bring back the classic experience, then maybe ill resub


Dalaran is pretty much unplayable around raid time on Benediction. I’ve heard many other servers are the same.

Its the new wow mini-game called lag-o-mole, gotta guess where your target will be not where it is.

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whatever they did they screwed something up lag is insane

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Megaservers need to go.

Thats exactly the problem they’re working on fixing by removing layers and spreading out the population

How do you figure they’re “spreading out the population”?

People who dont want to deal with a laggy mess can transfer off for free. Anyone who stays can deal with the consequences of their decision

I am done transferring to fix Blizzards problems…seems like maybe its just not the game I thought it was anymore.

you resub, I’ll unsub…the numbers stay the same.

Cancelling the sub is also an option. I am not interested in playing Wrath without either my megaserver or RDF…give me one or the other but I will not play if neither is the option.

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Considering that blizzard is opting to kill megaservers, and not implement rdf, seems like theres probably more people silently unsubbing and citing things like layers and the destruction of the classic experience as the reason, then there are people who are staying and happy with the current state.

If you want rdf and megaservers, retail is just around the server, why dont you leave classic for those of us who want to enjoy the classic experience

Wrath was the last version of retail I had ever played until I tried out this new dragonball z expansion and its just not the same as wrath was.

If you want the true classic experience, Classic Era…

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If your classic experience consists of taking 15 seconds to merely collect an item from the mail then yes, time to resub

Funny, I don’t remember layers being in wrath when I played it in 2008. That being said, if the choice is between no layers or no rdf, IDC about rdf in the slightest. If it means no layers, you can feel free to go run dungeons endlessly while I go rp.

It really sounds like you’d be happier playing FFXIV lol. If you’re only playing WOW for the Rp you’re just playing the wrong game

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