Cant character transfer?

Why does the Maladath server say its accepts paid transfers but when I try to character transfer there I cant? Cause I really want off Grob. Muilti hour ques and impossible to quest.

Are u getting a mail issue thats whats causing most of the transfers not to be working.

When i try to the paid transfer the server doesnt even appear on the list.

They can and will lock servers without warning if the population spikes enough so they can prevent another mega-server situation. If it’s not showing up as available than that is likely to be the case. They may not have had the opportunity to update the thread or support article to reflect the change just yet.

Free Character Transfers may be closed without warning as we continue to evaluate the populations of realms.


Yea i was talking about paid transfers.

I had assumed you were speaking of the FCM, so my apologies for that. It still may be that they changed the perimeters if the population spikes enough. Perhaps when the staff get in in the morning, they can provide some more insight since the support article and WotLKC forum post have not been updated as of right this moment.

Still looking for an answer why Maladath is not on the paid server transfer liost.

According to the list, it is. Maladath is shown to be allowing paid character transfers and character creation.

It says that but when I try to transfer its not on the list.

Actually, I think that they made an error on the article. The Dev post that they keep updating actually lists Maladath as a fresh start server.

If that is truly the case then it is working as intended. They wouldn’t allow transfers for at least the first 180+ days of a fresh start server. So the error seems to be lying in the article itself, not that the realm isn’t showing up as an option for paid transfers.


It is a fresh server, and the lock out limit is only 90 days from the start of the server, which was late last month. Cant transfer on or off, or use a character boost during that 90 day period.

Then they need to remove it from the list, i already have a 70 pally there just to many people playing them and i wanted to play warrior anyway.

I get home to log into an 8 hour que. Might as well unsub at this point.