Mitigation Servers

Current Server To Mitigate to:
PvE: Old Blanchy
PvP: Earthfury

If one of the servers isn’t able to be mitigated to, please let me know so I can fix it.

Queues are very high, basically unplayable. So, this is my attempt to help. If we work together, it’s very possible we can help alleviate the queues. Negative personalities, please go to the other threads, thank you.

I propose these server types for people looking to help the queues. People, like me for example, aren’t really tied to a guild or community. And, just want to play the game. When these servers begin to have a queue, I will update the server listed.

Are free transfers open to these servers?

Ahh ok I was hoping they opened them up. Those servers could use a boost

The sticky at the top of the forum has the lists.

Also, anyone staring at the que probably has a button to start the transfer. Which will this give you the list.

I gotchu!!

If you are on Skyfury and low level and not in a guild, I would suggest coming to Angerforge, plenty of people at all levels from 1-70 on both factions. Its more of casual server, but there are some sweaty’s also.

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