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I need a mailbox purge as well for my character Julysham on Faerlina. I’m also extremely disgruntled by this because the free server access I wanted to transfer to as of two days ago was blocked due to this mailbox glitch and now I have to pay to join my guild on another server since it’s no longer offered in the free server transfer migration list.

Is there anyway I can get a credit as a result of this bug that clearly many of us are suffering from? Thanks in advance.

Mail Purge
Character Freezwenipee
Server Faerlina

To be clear, Mente, this isn’t a bug. The mail is sent after you have completed certain quests, those mails are set on a delay so that you receive them later, usually after 24-72 hours later, depending on the quest. That is entirely intended and has been in-game since Vanilla. So, no, it is unlikely that a credit will result from an intended functionality.

That said, the game developers are reviewing the quests that have a mail delay and may be able to update them to behave differently.

Everyone to this point should be clear.


That unfortunately doesn’t change the fact that no notification was given in game or otherwise that free server transfers to certain servers would no longer be accessible. I am out 25 dollars for the cost of server transfer and I cannot initiate a paid server transfer until I get through the queue. Frustrating as all hell for an “intended functionality”

PLEASE Purge my mail, so i can transfer to Earthfury and Avoid 9 hour queues

No, Free Character Moves tend to be announced on our forums. That was posted here, about 24 hours before the transfers were turned off for Eranikus. Sorry if you missed it.


You should be good, Salviah.

Now says “an error has occured, come back later” ><

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confused mate

Appreciate that clarification. Had no idea otherwise. Just bad timing for me I guess.


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Being afked in game often start a timer until the game auto logs folks off, I believe it’s a 10 or 20 minute thing. Reason why you can see folks with the <afk> besides folks names in-game. They can’t keep everyone online 24/7.

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Just to expand on what Tolna said, there is a difference between an internet connection dropping and an intentional disconnect. A connection dropping should put you back in the queue (or back in the game immediately), but an intentional disconnect would not.

Being disconnected for AFK would count as an intentional disconnect, thus putting you back in the queue.

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Can you please purge my mail so I can transfer off of Benediction. Thanks!7

I would caution you that you probably shouldn’t admit to account sharing and manipulating the queue in the most heavily-moderated forum. It’s a crazy time, so they are tolerating a lot, but it’s not a good look.

That said…

Well, yes. You logged into the game, just to AFK and go do other stuff? You’re taking a spot from someone who actually wants to play.

There is a timer for disconnects, but it’s to guard against issues between your computer and Blizzard’s servers. Not for you to go do something else entirely.


Mail purge on Gehennas please


We should be clear to here.

Mail Delete Request and Transfer

Realm: Grobbulus
Character: Zardrayn
Realm to transfer to: Eranikus
Tried to do this, submitted ticket, no current response.

You should be set, Zardrayn.

Ticket response times are currently 6-8ish days (though I think I saw somewhere now it’s saying upwards of 10?). But unfortunately Eranikus is now closed to free transfers. You can, however, purchase a transfer to Eranikus. There just isn’t a free option anymore and the SFAs here on this forum cannot do a transfer for you.

If you wish to take advantage of a free transfer, here are your options:

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