Free server transfer?

How do you get free transfer? Im confused

If you have a que, there’s a pop up to start the migration.

I cant even log in, it says Logging into server since grobbulus crashed

Yeah, I was in Grobbulus, got booted, and now get this. :frowning:

The button is at the bottom left after you connect if you really want to take it.

How can we migrate if we cant log in? I have stuff in my mail and auction. 80 min queue rn : /


I mean…both of the servers they’re offering Grobb/Faer/Bene players to go to are borderline dead at this point. One of the servers is like 90%+ Horde(Sulfuras) and the other has 350ish players on it(Old Blanchy). Queue times REALLY suck don’t get me wrong but i’d rather sit in a queue and be able to finds groups super easy when i get in then play on a realm where it’s borderline impossible to find a group. I used to play on Myzrael and ended up moving when a lot of my friends quit in TBC. I’d check in on Myzrael from time to time and everytime i logged in i RARELY saw people looking for a group or setting up a heroic or something, and this was back when it had like 1800-2000 players on it still. Good luck finding a group on any of those realms unless THOUSANDS of players migrate.

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That’s a good point actually.

I don’t think you should hastily transfer anyway.

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i had a 70 on Bene and this warr on Grob. I need my bank toons and their gold but they have mail. Hopefully the migration last long enough to get all 4 but either way ill be ok i guess. Cheers to a new server

Maybe you could try at a non-peak time while you are home like in the middle of the night or something? Not that this is “right” - and it does suck. Good luck to you with this all.

The reason i do not want to take my migration is becuase i would be losing the RP aspect shouldnt there be another RPPVP server to transfer to?

The RP tag has no meaning beyond a sign that this is the location to congregate if you want to RP.

RP communities are on every server.

can’t migrate because stuff in auction I’m bidding on, tells me to cancel bids, I cannot do that there is no way to cancel bids, now I must wait through queue later to transfer … great

No queues in the morning, clear out your mail then.

Imagine just straight up lying. Not a bit of this post is accurate.

Sulfuras literally has queues during peak hours.

So many people transferred off Faer/Bene that they filled Sulfuras AND Skyfury to capacity during peak hours while Faer/Bene still have queues from midday on.

GJ responding to a post that was made 28 days ago when the population situation on those servers is quite a bit different than today.


You responded to a post i made almost a month ago my guy

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