Non-confrontational swearing in WoW - is it allowed?

If memory serves, it’s not necessarily what you say or its circumstances, it’s whether someone decides to report you for it.

Profanitty is never a excuse masked or other wise If you need to use profanity ingame dont use it its rated T for everyone but that doesnt excuse excessive profanity.


Swearing is indeed disallowed, no matter what. There’s a filter, sure, but it’s there because people don’t follow the rules and will swear anyway. It’s not there as a license to cuss.


I have added a very specific situation where the language is being used very casually, not in anger, and not towards anyone else. This is the only type of circumstance I am concerned about.

I have censored the words here in the interest of not using the actual words on the forums. In game I am suggesting the full words were used.

As you have learned, it is. If you got a suspension for “salty language”, mean you have been tagged before. I’d figure the first couple of silences, you would have gotten the hint.


Blizzard reply in regards to the chat filter:


My understanding is Blizzard is not longer using silences.

The language I used earlier was sometimes in anger. Again, I am not appealing my suspension here, or even interested in discussing it. I am asking a very specific question.

They use them, for the first few offenses, then it ramps up to suspensions. They changed it about a year back.


They use small silences, but then ramp up to suspensions if the lesson isn’t learned.


Thank you for your help. This is what I was looking for.

Take care.


No. You can not use any profanity or even masked profanity. Those have been the rules since 2004.



It really doesn’t matter if it was directed as someone or not - if it was used - and if someone saw it to report.

As already stated the filter is for those that don’t wish to see it - not permission to use such language.


I was away from the game for more than two years. Back then I did receive a couple of the doubling silences. I came back a month ago was was more cavalier with language than I should have been and was suspended.

I appreciate the response. Thank you.


Profanity, masked or otherwise, is not allowed in-game or on these forums. I suggest you remove the censored words. The idea is to keep your foul mouth to yourself as in saying them out loud while looking at the computer but don’t type them into the game.

Gotcha. Yeah, the stacking silences weren’t doing the trick, even if they stacked into years… so they decided to go back to suspensions.


hey blizz why is Grobb having over 4 hr. wait times just to log in when aparentily that what the layers was sapos to solve it was a pritty dumb idea if it cant deal with an over poped server that was encuraged by Blizz

You might want to start a new thread, and perhaps in GD, instead of Hijacking a thread that is not even related to your issue.


What does that have to do with this thread exactly?

CS isn’t involved in server populations but from what I’ve read, you can transfer to a lower population server for free too.