Will Faerlina/Sulfuras/Benediction remain locked for all of WOTLK?

Just curious

I have some level 80’s on Faerlina (Horde) and some level 80’s on Sulfuras, I wish I could move them all together but both servers are locked. :frowning:


Unlikely until after ICC I’d imagine.

I’m sure they’ll do some kind of merge for wotlk era.

Why expect wotlk era? They didn’t do a tbc one.

We do not know. They said indefinitely.

Back when we had queues and they opened up the free transfers, Sulfuras was pretty low population, and grew so much as a destination realm they made the new overflow realm Eranikus, which also filled up.

With the launch of Ulduar, it will be interesting to see if there are any queues, and if so whether they cause any of the current free-transfer destination realms to fill up, where you could potentially consolidate your characters.

I think we can expect it because it’s popular. Nobody wants TBC era- pservers can show you that. But WotLK and vanilla have been staples of the pserver community for as long as those expansions have existed, and blizzard knows they can keep subs by offering that experience on official servers.

Likely because WOTLK is the most popular expansion… whereas TBC is one of the lowest rated expansions of all time.

Classic might just be over after WOTLK. Playerbase doesnt want cata and I cant see blizzard making a valuable Classic+.

What are their other options? Just shut down the servers? Wouldnt they rather do era at that point? idk.

Maybe they’ll keep a Wrath server or two. But that’s another version of the game to maintain. I could see that happening if they make another clone service for players to pay for.

I think it’ll definitely go to Cata. They’ll sell another million Deluxe Editions by releasing a game that was already made over 10 years ago. It’s easy money.

You need to abandon this ‘They’ll do what is popular with the players’ mentality. They don’t care what the players want. They care about $$$. Or, more accurately, the cheapest, easiest way to milk the playerbase.


Couple things to break down here.

So there really isnt any “maintenance” with Era servers. How many patches and updates have hit Classic Era since it launched 18 months ago. I can tell you. 1 minor hotfix. Thats it.

Second, What is popular with players in a way does = money though. If the players arent interested and dont buy DE’s, then whats the purpose of doing it? Lets say they do another Pre survey and it comes back to awful reviews. Their money guys say its a bad idea financially. Then maybe they wont do it? Idk.

However I do agree in some sense. 90% of the ppl here who claim they will never play Cata wont be able to help themselves but give blizzard more $$ for Cata DE’s. Its bound to happen. I hope im not one of them. I have zero interest in Cata regardless of what they do to it.

We don’t know… we’ve only been told they’re not unlocking these sever anytime soon.

It’s absolutely asinine that you can’t xfer characters to servers you already have max level toons on. You can create new level 1’s and even use the paid boost. But existing chars? Nope.

Blizzard is a joke.


i want TBC era.

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p servers will do tbc era better than blizzard could ever run anything.

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