Sulfuras locked

Everyone I game with made the joint decision to join Sulfuras from Benediction last night. Unfortunately for me i was working night shift. Come home this morning to find out the server is now locked. A 24 hour notice or anything really could have saved a lot of issues. I know people who got stuck in the middle of transferring their toons and now have a solo toon left abandoned. There has to be a better system.


They said they would stop transfers suddenly and without warning, looks like you’re one of the people who are SOL.


Sorry man. This sort of thing is very unfortunate. Hoping they help the last people looking to finish moving their chars over, and people who just want to get over to join their guild mates asap.

The policy is garbage but they did include the “we can cut it off whenever lol” clause in the post

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Agreed. They really should have put a 24 hour warning up though.

They actually said, to quote their post on the most recent update when they opened transfers, “this may occur without a great deal of warning” not randomly at 11 at night without saying a word while people were still in the middle of xfering. Such a mess

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Here, is the actual wording and not a made up quote.


why dont you actually read the article you just shared. it literally says my quote, word for word.

So… are we talking about Eranikus or Sulfuras?

So they will give an update about one server, but you have to guess for the other ? :thinking: why are you arguing that you think this is fine lol.

this is why the blizzard forums are trash. people just troll and defend blizzard endlessly lol.

they just try bait you into saying something slightly rude to ban you.

You play a Blizzard game in 2022, you might as well be bent over and prepared by now.

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