AH Down, so many people will be forced to pay $25 to transfer to Sulfuras now

guy decided to move to sulf when they announced it will be locked today and then posted auctions that won’t expire until after the transfers are locked. Poor planning at best.

I posed the auctions before Blizz’s announcement. And I don’t recall them permanently (not temporarily, but permanently) restricting new characters and transfers to a server in a long time, if ever. So anyone with friends or guildies planning on coming back for wrath launch simply won’t be able to play with them if they’re on a different server.

If you arent on Sulfuras by now, you wont be getting there unless they extend the locking of it.

It will be locked. No new toons at all, transfers or creations.

Are people really defending blizzard on this? Just stop. Why defend Blizzard over a player who also pays to play the game? Blizzard said we have until a certain time to get transfers done, now people are stuck because the AH is broken. Stop defending Blizzard on their own mistakes. Stop blaming paying customers and expecting them not to be upset when they are getting a broken and buggy service.


Blizzard simps have been strong in the forums lately lol.


Sulfuras is getting locked as well? I’m trying to find information on this, but am not having luck.

I find the no new transfers/creations part a little weird which is not the norm. If you already have characters on the server then creating more or transferring more in doesn’t change anything. Maybe the need to put some restriction on it, like you have to have a certain number of /played hours in the last 30 days or have a lvl 70 or something

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Im not good with these forums like quoting text from another post but in this blue post they state the closure of Sulf.

As expected, the AH has been down all day, which means nobody with auctions were able to transfer for free to Sulfuras today. Looks like we’re all out another $25 because Blizz wasn’t able to handle things on their end.

I have a lot of sympathy for this. I know someone who took the free xfer last minute and their alt couldn’t come due to auctions and being down, but thankfully it was just an alt.

Servers closing last minute did not come with an accompanying warning that the AH would be bugged and also down last minute.

$25 should be unlimited transfers but blizz is a bunch of greedy nerds

If anyone’s in a similar situation and wondering how long a ticket may take, mine hasn’t been answered yet and I’m going on 6 hours.

You could potentially delete your character, restore it, and then transfer it. But you would of course loose all your auctions doing this method though you would save $25 and would be able to transfer before the lock.

Also not sure if there are any restrictions to transferring a freshly restored toon.

anyone who pays to transfer is crazy to me…personally i would quit and stop funding incompetence

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Dude I just wanna play with my buddies and until today none was sure where we’re going to move cuz we were on Benediction and Faerlina. At last we chose Sulfuras but now cuz not all of us can log everyday we’ve stucked on mega servers. Let us play together come on, we paid for this.

They are going to lock Sulfuras, from the sound of Aggends post. I don’t think they’ll allow paid transfers in there. At least the last thing I read is they are locking not just closing FCMs. It’s full…did say they may let a few more alliance in.

Since blizzard seems to have been sucessful in this attempt to work out servers, im sure they will have another server to transfer to.

It was a good idea for them to "cap"how many people transfer onto it. Spicey take but they should actually not let people transfer OFF once its at a good healthy full level.

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Well, I think locking megas will go along way toward that. The perception will be it’s not an advantage to move to “dead” high pop servers w only 10k players on them.

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To no one’s surprise, customer support did not give me a free transfer.

They claimed that I had enough time to server transfer, but neglecting to admit that in less than 24 hours they blocked character creation / server transfer on Faerlina which is what made thousands transfer and they had to do it on the same night as the forum post or they got shafted by the AH being down the next day if they had active auctions.

For a time reference, on 9/7 later in the day around 4pm-ish EDT they announced the character creation / server transfer blocks for Faerlina. The next day on 9/8 Faerlina was down for multiple hours in the morning and then when it came up, the AH was down the entire time, all the way up until the free transfer to Sulfuras cutoff at 3pm EDT. So basically, anyone that had active auctions during this time period was unable to use the free transfer and now has to pay $25 to play with friends and guildies that transferred.

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