Refund New Subs For Angerforge Please

I mean, I feel like they did this to Skyfury too. It was the best realm yesterday… and today, it’s just another server. :frowning:

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I don’t feel bad because you were all warned this would happen. You thought people were trolling you but you thought we were the bad guys LOL. So now Megaservers have less queue times than the fresh ones and now you’re stuck.

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Are you blind. Its on the game and on the forums.

If you don’t want to play WotLK, I’m sure customer support would be happy to cancel your account and refund you the difference. Go ask them.

We all know you’re not quitting though.

“As with previous Fresh Start realms, only new characters can be created here. All transfers to and from Angerforge are disabled, level boosts may not be applied to characters on this realm, and Death Knights may not be created here until your character is leveled up.”

You are purposely ignoring the complaint. They wanted to play on a fresh server. They were bait and switched and robbed of that promised experience.

If benediction players were allowed to transfer to day 3 Skyfury, you would have been making very similar complaint threads.


Except the only transfers allowed are from another FRESH START realm so what’s the issue?

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It literally says Fresh Start Realm in the blue post…

The first time I’ve ever agreed with Bloomsday. World is ending.

Classic team is just ridiculous lmao. I feel bad for the Angerforge crowd.

If $15 is that big a deal you probably should be working instead of playing video games.

You know, I quit WOW in 2017, after 13 years. I came back last year for SoM for a bit, it was fine, but I was more engaged with New World. I remember loving WOTLK, so I decided to give a Fresh Start ago. I already cancelled the sub, and am waiting on a reply from Support about refunding September’s sub. If that fails, I will simply ask Paypal to reverse the charge.

If the idea of 2 week old characters ruining your WotLK experience bothers you that much then so be it. I just don’t think you wanted to come back at all. Those 2 weeks of progress will not matter whatsoever in 10 days when people are leveling in Grizzly Hills together.

It’s the principle of the thing, not the $15, which as you rightly point out is an hour’s minimun wage (or two after taxes).

I wish NC’s minimum wage was $15 :frowning:

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They did.

You got Skyfury and Maladeth.

Anger was opened to deal with Skyfury queues.

Yeah, what a bait and switch. Very bad business.

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The principle of having a temper tantrum because you rolled on an overflow server and people have two week head starts? Even on Skyfury we had 70s within the first 36 hours.

Well they need to state that instead of saying it’s a fresh server with transfers locked. It doesn’t matter if their motivation to open a fresh server was to try and entice people to reroll from sky fury. That makes sense but it’s irrelevant to the issue at hand: Allowing transfers of 70s.

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