A hail mary request, please open Eranikus

I’ve been creating topics and replying to every relevant thread on the subject all weekend. I was hoping the Tuesday reset would open up Eranikus for transfers but no dice.

Now, for my request: Would it be possible to allow 3 of my guild mates to pay transfer / boost onto Eranikus? The rest of us leave Grobbulus, and we get to play as a guild together again.

After replying to every blue comment I’ve seen touching the subject of Eranikus and seeing no replies, I’m feeling disheartened. Even if this request is impossible, is there any information that could be provided about how my guild can be reunited on a PVP server ?

The forum support agents here do not have those abilities or that information. Your request would need to be in a ticket and i would suggest post in in the Classic forums which are monitored by the Classic devs.


If by “blue” you mean a Community Manager or Developers, as I see the majority of your posts are in the Wrath of the Lich King Classic Discussion forum, it is unlikely they’d reply to you for an individual request. That simply isn’t something that would be granted on an individual level.

I believe Eranikus transfers were closed because they were trying to avoid it reaching a concurrency that would add more log in queues.

Transfers to the realm will likely reopen when they feel it is safe to do so without adding additional burden to the realm.


I haven’t requested what I’m asking of here anywhere. When replying to Community Managers I’ve been trying to glean information about whether or not this server, that has been locked since it was released, will be opened in the near future.

Eranikus started at 0 players in a Locked status. Those of us who are new to a mega-server would be more inclined to move if it meant our friends outside of it could join us.

I realize I’ve made this topic in the wrong board now, but at this point I had to try. My apologies

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That isn’t really something we’d have a lot of information on. It really would likely to be based on current data and concurrency settling down.

As far as I know, Eranikus is currently lists as as destination realm for high pop realms. So folks on those realms can transfer to it, but new characters cannot be created there unless you already have a character.

We’ve also enabled Free Character Transfers from the most overpopulated realms in this region:

Benediction Eranikus (NEW) PvP
Benediction Old Blanchy Normal
Grobbulus Eranikus (NEW) PvP
Grobbulus Old Blanchy Normal
Faerlina Eranikus (NEW) PvP
Faerlina Old Blanchy Normal

We strongly encourage players who wish to use a Free Character Transfer to do so as soon as possible. Free Character Transfers may be closed without warning.


Correct. This is exactly the issue though. 7/10 of us made it onto Grobbulus before lockout, which would make us eligible for a FCM to Eranikus. 3 of us did not make it onto Grob in time, and were planning to boost a character on release but this is not possible anymore.

I understand why Grobbulus would get locked, and I’m sure there are others in the same boat that would move to Eranikus if it meant our guilds could re-unite.

For that, the individuals would want to submit a ticket. It is definitely not guaranteed, but we can at least look into the request.