2 1/2 hour log in?

megaservers arent communities, they are cancerous cesspits of min-maxing toxicity. Play on a real server with a reasonable population.

“The community you play with isn’t a community, you must leave and abandon everything and start over”.


Enjoy not playing when the queue goes away and you’re still on a dead server

LOL what a joke this solves nothing and to be honest makes you look ignorant to the issue as you obviously didnt read the OP before making the comment that solves or answers nothing.

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Funny how people keep saying my server is “dead” when it has a stable raiding pop, 2 active factions and is similar to mid-high level pop servers in OG TBC/Wrath, it’s… almost like you’re coping over being exposed as the min-max meta-slave npc you are?


“Are you an Alliance main that struggles to get in some WoW time after work due to our incompetence? Well, we have good news! You can transfer from your East server to a completely dead West, OR a Horde-dominated PvP server so you can get PK’d every five minutes. Aren’t you thankful?”

Yeah, great solution. How about adding more layers. It’s almost like this is a RE-RELEASE, and not a completely new addition to a 17 year old game.


Shhh you will hurt its feelings. And thats a crime punishable by mob assult on these forums.

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So you have pugs using MS/OS clearing every raid but sunwell 24 hours a day taking people in blues and greens?

it’s called free will and people use it. we don’t need another government to control our choice of server

It’s not blizzard’s fault that people went to a mega server. Stop blaming Blizzard for players being dumb


both of the servers they have available to transfer to are dead, they just want you to buy a $25 transfer back to whatever server you came from once the queues die down

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It’s almost as if the company who controls said servers could idk maybe cap them like they’re doing right now?? You can’t transfer to one of the mega servers currently, imagine if they had done that before they turned into mega servers



Who the hell wants to carry leeches for free in an ms/os raid? And are you still stuck in queue? is that why you’re posting?

Not getting instant gratification, the second you want to do something that is supposed to require a degree of socialisation and effort to organise and execute is kind of why i was making the entire point to begin with, that min-max meta slavery being against the spirit of the game, that is toxic for many.

I know every point i’ll ever make will go over your head, but do try to pretend to understand.

possibly, but all of the megaservers have about 4 to 5x the population of a normal high pop server in OG tbc or wrath, if enough xferred over the “”"“dead”""" servers meta-slaves keep whining about would be very much alive.

“I flagged this person for giving a direct link to a fix to a problem I put myself in! RAWR! Blizzard, how dare you allow me to feel the reprecussions of my actions! REEEEEEEE!”

  • Tyvald, 100%.

Well said. Blizz forced most the active TBC player base to 4 servers just in order to play the game since they failed to fix the dead server problem. now these bird brained r tard are saying its the players fault for going to these servers to begin with. I didnt know it was the players job to moderate servers to make sure issues like this dont happen.

you didn’t solve jack bud.

if blizzard bothered to hold any accountability on the server population then this would never have happened in the first place. i played on both herod and kromcrush, watched them both die. me and several others got tired of it and just went to higher population servers that almost definitely wouldn’t die. why should we transfer off the servers and risk it dying again? the queues will die down, but if we moved off to a dead server we’d just have to pay them later to go back once they open transfers back up (and we all know they will, once they need another big bump on the quarterly review they’ll open it back up so everyone who took the free transfers can go back)


in two months you will be transfering to a "mega? server when yours dies but of course it will be a carebear one

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not bad progress is being made 2 hour 15 minute que tohight

How can you say min max and leeching and try to make the same point?