Does blizzard care?

Honest question. Forums are filled with complaints from unhappy customers and from what I’ve seen not one blue response.
If this was free to play I’d understand que times but when you pay $20 (Canadian) a month to play, I expect to be able to play. I’m a degen loser with two accounts so I’m double pissed.
Maybe there has been communication and I missed it…?


Effort indicates interest.

Sorry, they don’t care. It’s all we get though.

And to be fair, how many game developers would love to toss an old record on? They want to build a new game, but they’ve been rejected to the Classic WoW team instead.

Not to mention the community itself is garbage and abusive. It’s like a prison guard caring about prisoners’ wellbeing.

They are very much expecting anyone who is unhappy with queues to xfer off, because WoW is the only game that exists in their minds.

There’s been blue responses to this. They’re offering you FREE transfers. What else could they possibly do to help alleviate this?

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atleast que times are somewhat down on grob (still at 8K btw)

Proof that they don’t care. The que is imposed by Blizzard. The number of players increased with the Joyous Journey buff. Prepatch didn’t increase the numbers.

Blizzard reduced the layers. - stick
Blizzard offers free character migration - carrot

The carrot is rotten.


I am just wonder why would they allow soo many players to xfer (paid) into realm that would create such a problem.

Like they see the numbers, the flocks of players massively xfering over to 1 realm.

They could say “Hey look at all these people already in this realm we should prolly stop allowing paid xfers to this realm”

but they choose not to lock the server and accept $$ for a future problem that was manifesting.

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Because they didn’t want to turn down the easy $ for the transfer service.

Cross Realm and realm merging is the solution.

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Giving away something for free is proof that they don’t care?

You think Blizzard randomly chooses to impose a queue? Why?

How do you know?

Ah but at peak today, it was over 12k!

I logged in remotely at 7pm thinking I would feel guilty taking a spot for 15-20 minutes before I got home tonight. Here it is, almost 3.5 hours later and I’m still 1221 after getting home, walking the dog, telling her shes a good girl 100x, starting laundry, and having a beer.

It’s only down at all because people gave up, most likely. It’s pushing midnight on the east coast…

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they’ll respond soon enough when they see a dip in subs. I’ve already seen multiple people around me cancel.

You are actual troll scum and it pains me, down to the way you quote and format thoughtlessly, seeing you post. This will be the only post I ever associate with you or you ever get from me because you lack any semblance of intelligence or reason in your three to five word replies asking for sources that people can’t have, HENCE the anecdotal forum posts - public forums - where you pick out a tiny bit of Tucker-Carlson-style nugget of info to act like you’re justifiably upset about. You are the absolute worst kind of person to post on these forums or any other.


Real rich coming from someone who blizzard legitimately feels the same way about.


Bloomsday’s opinions are consistently validated by the gaming company that you are giving money to every month.

You are just mad because he doesn’t put on the matching grey suit and contribute to the echochamber you so wish the forums to become to validate your trash opinions.

and for the record, you have to be a special kind of stupid in order for the thought of blizzard imposing an unnecessary que time for any reason lmao.

enjoy another L

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I would say it depends On the subject matter do they care how the player base feels yeah feels um yes and no I think there are a little bit more hell back when it comes to implementing features and not implementing features.

They have their own vision of what they want classic to be and that doesn’t always lineup with what the player blace wants it or how they will play it.

Like things like RFD especially since how long it took them to implement the group finder that they put in in the fact that everybody really hates it but they really want it to work.

The idea is they want this type of group finder because the way they see it this is the best way for people to get to know one another and build those group bonds.

it’s the same logic behind them link any class Q for any role they want you to talk to the person to make sure they are who they say they are.

Now does that translate to fun game play no Doesn’t make the player experience absolutely miserable yep But it’s their vision it’s not true or how things work but it’s what they think.

At least that’s as far as I can tell But on other things are very receptive I mean wicked the whole discussion about Ulduar And the potential nerves to item levels in TOC and ICC yet and I cecy which most people don’t want.

Now what they’re going to do if they go through with the change that they mentioned oh yeah but they mentioned oh yeah I’m 100% on board but with that And that’s just a better feeling.

Buff Ulduar loot I’m one million percent OK with that It just feels better Now Are there other stuff I would like them to add yeah but I really just think on while those things is a matter of they don’t have the time or man power to do so.

I mean look at all the bugs and pre patch So it’s a little bit of Yes and no and even if you will get dragonflight The feedback that they’re getting they are taking very well very well for some classes better than others accommodately.

But still we’re getting consistent If responses from the debbs which is always a wonderful thing so If I’m being honest simply put.

Yes and no Depending on the topic.

Don’t you wish you could just block people/accounts on these forums. LOL would get rid of so many trolls. Blizz does not moderate their forums because they have no one to do it. They fired all of their moderators and community managers.

lol defending a known troll . Classic. wouldnt doubt it’s actually bloomsday posting on yet another alt.


Blizzard’s history with merging realms and properly handling low population servers is awful. Years ago they said that they were going to merge every low population Modern realm in the world to a significantly higher population, they didn’t. They even closed the thread and tweeted that merges were done. That was two years ago and we haven’t even been given an update since then.

It takes Blizzard years to merge servers and they do a conservative, terrible job. This is Blizzard’s fault that no one wants to take free transfers and risk being on a dead server that Blizzard doesn’t do anything about.

Here is my thread on their failure to complete their stated goal and the lack of communication after they failed:

nice genetic fallacy. do you enjoy making invalid arguments to make other people who already agree with you feel like they… agree with you more?

allow me to speak my opinion, please do not silence or attack me and try and degrade me and my opinion just because youre wrong.

Not if you talk like sheldon cooper. You’re begging to get dunked on.

Accepting that the forums “are filled with complaints”, truly we’re talking about what…maybe a few hundred people tops? It certainly isn’t a thousand. But there are well over a hundred thousand subscribers just in this region. Knowing how hot-headed gamers are, if I was told that basically <1% of the players of my game were upset and complaining, I’d feel pretty good about things.

I’m not saying I don’t think there’s a lot of room for improvement in how they deal with issues and complaints, but I think they care a LOT more about losing subs than they do whiny posts on a forum.