Server Issues Convo With a GM

I agree here, a lot of people disagree and I think thats why they havent done it. very frustrating. Just make it so we can only play cross faction with Btag friends to make everyone else feel better at that point… Kind of like how they have in retail for playing with the alliance. Besides group finder of course.

yeah, and at he end of the day this probably wont be read or even seen by blizz.

Blizzard, you guys want money, you guys invested in a product that used to be successful. Probably every quarterly report has some dude talking about this or that why you aren’t doing well… Whoever you fools let devise retail and everything past Wrath of the Lich King was a fool that was killing a game that was actually made with love. If you want the money give back the respect and support the other more successful guys gave. Spend some of your yacht money on the product, and let this man go play with his friends dude.

People make mistakes, support used to actually help the players. You guys should know, you made tons of mistakes… Cataclysm, Mists of Pandaria, Shadowlands, whatever other nonsense you guys tried to peddle with the World of Warcraft branding. Just give it up, Wrath of the Lich King is going to eat retail alive, invest in it a little dudes -.-

Plus, we all know you’re losing money… Everyday you push another player away… You guys are Re-launching the most popular MMO of all time, you should be growing, not losing subs dudes -.-

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Yeah. It’s crazy because the modern Group Finder (not Random Dungeon Finder), was actually developed and made MASSIVELY popular by players first, before Blizzard even thought of it. It was called oQueue, and it was a huge improvement over anything that’d been done in grouping before. Blizzard made a feature where a RealID friend could group with you regardless of server… wonderful idea. Then the genius modders said: “What if we create a hub where you can make anyone your friend immediately based on the content you want to do?” And boom. It was so wildly successful that Blizz eventually stepped in.

So if anyone says that Blizzard ruined the game with cross-realm group browsing, just remember… the players made it and loved it long before Blizzard touched any of that.


They’re making so much money with WoW tokens this is how they feel right now.

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Just so I understand, you are looking to move from Grobb to Whitemane, right?

Wherever Grobb has Free Character Migrations right now, take that. Once you are on the new server then you will be able to pay to transfer to Whitemane as long as Whitemane isn’t locked.

Last I checked the servers that were locked were Benediction, Grobbulus and Faerlina.

Edit: Including Eranikus thanks to the poster below me.

Here is the link to the limitations on free transfers:

Specifically: " * You can use the paid transfer service anytime after a free transfer, as the free transfer does not apply a transfer cooldown"

That aside, the customer service you received is pretty poor. In general, it feels almost like we are responding with AI/Bots more than even someone at a contracted call center.

Second Edit: It appears that Whitemane is one of the servers on this list that is locked → Transfer Restrictions and Free Character Transfers Now Available -- Updated Sept. 9

I would push to escalate the issue. Unless this post gets visibility, you aren’t going to get anywhere with this. Not only that but I would post specifically to that forum post if possible. I guarantee you aren’t the only one impacted and like with most things, the squeeky wheel gets the grease.

The number of accounts associated with characters on a realm IS the issue, not the number of characters. If you have a character on Grobbulus, you can create as many as 49 other characters (or however many the cap is) right now and there is nothing stopping you.

I cant speak to the limitations here but it seems that the transfers work on a “is server open or closed” basis and just stops right there. Any detail or nuance that you provided to those reps was clearly lost.

And Eranikus

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I would’nt want to think so badly about good ole Blizz. But, this might just be a mechanism to get you to buy boosted toons.

I don’t think so since you can only buy 1 per account. I think it’s blizzard not knowing how to control or handle large amounts of people.

Yes people, get off my server pls. I hear Benediction is balanced and awesome.

GMs are paid actors.

You basically asked for a special treatment and got denied. You can’t ask these things and then come here complain…that makes you pretty entitled tbh.

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The servers are having issues cause way more people are jumping onto those servers than they can handle without overloading. This is and always has been our fault not Blizzards. Everyone sees their little streamer crush joining x server because “why would I join a dead server”. To not deal with overloaded servers, ques, crashes, etc… It wouldn’t be hard at all for US not Blizzard to fix this problem. We could easily control how full each server is, but as in every aspect in life, 99% of us are sheep. So completely bat(censored) bonkers to expect Blizzard to fix this. All that will happen til the end of time is people gravitating towards a couple popular servers, while the rest of us get in groups without issue on our “dead” servers.

Not to be mean, but if you have to wait till payday to afford a server transfer…

Maybe you shouldn’t be server transferring?

Seems like things are a tad too tight for this to even matter.

I wondered why ticket times were approaching a week. This confirms my suspicion.

I hate to say stop making tickets, but when it’s something GM staff have no say in, nor can make changes to, and it’s addressed by development in the linked thread, more tickets only slow down ticket responses to players gm staff can help with.

Holy run-on sentence.

If you read the full thing the GM told me to bring this here. Maybe read the full thing.
Also I am fully entitled to want to play on a less populated server “that has no Qu time btw” and leave one of the most populated servers. And on top of that I have guys on Whitemane already between 50-65. I also pay monthly for this game. So why again am I not entitled to be able to play the game I pay for on the realm I want? When the technology is there and can be used blizzard just isn’t? Stay safe also made a video on it, it’s also posted on the counsel forums.

It’s not tight, it’s called budgeting.

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Then your budget is pretty tight and you should avoid server transfers.

Okay well that’s your opinion. Thanks

I get why they made that decision, even though it’s not what you want to hear.

I have a few scattered alts on other servers, but all my mains are on Pagle. Having a character already on another server does not mean I’m an active player on that server. It makes sense that Blizzard has no way to tell, for sure, that an exception would result in no increased activity on the server that can’t handle any more activity.

Also, by quitting, and not simply either creating a new character or turning your dk into your new main to play with your friends… you are proving Blizzard’s point. They’re saying they have no way of knowing if you’re someone like me, with alts that aren’t used, or if you’re someone who actively plays on your desired destination, and you’re acknowledging that you are, in fact, like me, and the character already on the destination server is an unused alt.

There are probably tons of people in your situation, who have come back after time away and want to move to join their friends. If Blizzard makes exceptions for all of them, if Whitemane really is that close to hitting insane queue times (and remember, there are still people on Whitemane who won’t be coming back until the expansion actually hits, and Blizzard has no idea of identifying exactly how many sleepers will awake until it happens) then the exceptions will just put it into unplayable status.