How about you fix queues

lol 1 hour que time. You must be on a low pop server


Then you can play on an existing Oceanic server then quit. Fresh launch has already demonstrated that more servers wouldn’t have fixed the mega server meta so your point is moot.

At least you’re honest in asking Blizzard to cater to the whims of fickle tourists who have no interest in supporting the game.

Yes, it 100% is!


Lol mega servers

lol be glad it’s just a queue for a day or two. Back in OG days server queues were a feature of the game.

yeah and opie got his wish
they are offering free transfers as people in queue are reporting

and here


What has it been, 25 years now, if Blizzard would have written some code to keep servers balanced? They would have doubled their revenue by now. Unbalanced gameplay kills the enjoyment of the game and F up every server. Then they allow 2-hour long ins on a new expansion so you can transfer to an unbalance server to be ganked all day long. Then you quit the game rinse repeat. And this is a success, who the heck runs a company like that? I’m saddened that after all this time these Corpo’s have done nothing to solve a very simple problem. Lichking will fail not because we don’t love the game. It will fail because players are tired of the stupid BS Blizzard has refused to address. With years to do so.
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Bro pick a diff server. dont blame blizz when u can switch servers and not have a que.

What a trash take. This is an MMORPG, you’re supposed to make bonds and friends with people - people you don’t just want to leave.
Personally, I came to Grobb from Whitemane - where the population of Alliance was 1-20 ratio with Horde. There were so few people you couldn’t get any raids done, the AH was a disaster and looking for enchants/gem cuts would take days.
I don’t know why you’re defending Blizzard when they could easily deal with these queues, but instead are hoping for free xfers off to servers they offered free xfers AWAY from just this past summer.


I mean, the que is now over 4.5 hours for grobb, and they moved me from thunderfury to grobb, so I dont know what to do, all my friends moved because the server died, and now we cant even play. I feel like something should be done besides free server xfers to dead servers.


out of the frying pan, into the fire :expressionless:

well what do you want? if it’s not dead you’ll have a queue
if there’s no queue it will be dead
there’s no third option my friend :expressionless:

Except there is a third option. Open up more layers. At launch of prepatch benediction had 10 layers and they have already reduced it down to 4 which is creating the ridiculous queues. They have the fix but are deliberately trying force everyones hand with free transfers when all they would have to do is open up the layers again. Its a manufactured problem.


12:27pm… on a monday
grobb: 3805 in queue; 55 min.

just… wow.

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Hmmm… It’s almost like there are modern, sensible solutions to this but the playerbase would cry foul with “MUH CLASSIC SERVER IDENTITY” while they sit on Layer 5 not able to hear or interact with 80% of the people on their server unless specifically invited to (Exactly how cross server tech functionally works on Retail, w/o queue).

Imagine a world where you could just roll wherever you liked, log in whenever you wanted to a server with 20k+ players without issue, and play the game, see the content, and communicate with friends. Crazy I know.

mine was like 4 or 5k people in que and im still waiting

yeah, now at 2975 for 47min.

world of tanks has a damn update too i’m sitting thru. can’t catch a damn break today!

3048 in que rn with a 44 min wait still

i better get in before you, dammit! lol

i feel u bud i just put a moving on my smaller monitor with my roku and watch a movie lol