Level 70 Character Boost not usable on Eranikus

It’s not acceptable. Create a Support ticket and go to every post you can find and bump it. Blizzard took our money without the proper information.

But after my two support tickets being responded to with two different answers, we probably should just refund, they’re lost.

This chart may be useful.

During server transitions - things can change rapidly. They are trying to keep that chart as up to date as possible.

Wrath Classic Realm Locked for Character Creation or Transfers - Blizzard Support (battle.net)

These things are all decided by our devs. If a server is locked, there is nothing a GM can really do - that’s all hard coded.


It’s sort of unbelievable this hasn’t been resolved yet. So I can return my Wrath pre-purchase?

Is there a section about paid boosts and where those are allowed? I’m not seeing it.

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Boosts pretty much follow the new character creation column.


I’m just struggling to understand the difference between boosting a character and moving a max level character? And why this can’t be fixed?


Customer Support has no idea why Boosts are not working. I was contacted on 2 different tickets from Blizzard Support with contradictory information.

One Ticket told me that Eranikus was Accepting Boost without problems.

The Second ticket responded saying “Eranikus is Locked and not accepting Character boost”

Ya’ll really dont know do you

So, I’m happy to boost on Faerlina and then wait the three days to transfer, but is this essentially a game of chance to where we have to worry that the transfers might be closed off to where we are then stuck with a boosted character on a server we’re not playing on? Or is it possible that if they do close that blizzard would go ahead and free transfer us since we had no choice but to wait the three days?

That’s exactly the situation that I am stuck in unfortunately. This is bunch of nonsense. I am afraid to boost on another server and miss the free char transfer period.

I’m sorry, I’m confused. By linking this chart are you stating that the restriction of character boosts on Eranikus is intentional? Because other CS reps on this forums have stated that it is a bug and unintended and that devs were working to resolve the issue. Is the lack of character boosts on Eranikus intended, or is it an issue that will be resolved? I need to know if I need to refund my completely unusable $50 dollar purchase or not.

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Per this reply, it is.


We can add this to the list of different answers we’ve gotten.
There should be a fifth column, “Allows Character Boosts”
No where does it state there that boosts “pretty much follow the new character creation column”. Not really sure why that’s being swept under the same rug

If the issue, as you say, is that the server is hard coded this way to not allow character boosts (again there is zero information regarding this) and will take time to change, or not be able to change, this is what should be communicated then, instead of all the different answers we’ve been given

But what they stated isn’t even true. You can use character boosts on all locked realms, except Eranikus. That’s what most people have been doing… using a boost on a locked realm which offers free character transfer to Eranikus (such as Grobbulus), waiting 3 days and then transferring. You can’t make a new character on a locked realm if you don’t already have a character on it, but you can certainly use character boosts on locked realms where you already have a character. None of it makes sense.

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100%. also they’ve made changes to fresh servers like Maladath(I think), so if they can change that, this should be no different imo

edited because I can’t remember what Fresh Server recently started allowing transfers, essentially ruining the “fresh” idea.

Technically both were fresh servers, and Skyfury was heading towards overpop.


Less than a week for launch and I’ve been posting in EVERY discussion about the server unlock for character creation in this “new servers”. Not a single response from Blizzard in any of them.

So, after I helped to create a community in Eranikus telling my friends to move, my returning friends can’t join because they are locked. AND if they get to create a char in this server, they will not be allowed to make a lvl 70 boost.

If it wasn’t because I really love MMOs, WOTLK and the WC story since I was a little kid, I would have already leave.

Most likely Blizzard will post when a decision/change is made. Just because there is no reply doesn’t mean they aren’t considering it. They are trying to balance server populations to minimize the login queues for launch.

Boosts are working on Eranikus as of 22 SEP 22!!


Also Char creation is unlocked, thanks Blizz


Omg, the day after I boost on Faerlina to wait for a boost to Eranikus. This is beyond frustrating.