What Server should I Roll On

I cannot take the Q anymore with that said I have 3 toons I’m trying to level in WOTLK but the server Q are 200+ minuites.

So I will try this one more time so my question is.

I only want to play on a PvP server US I don’t care if it’s East coast or West coast. I just want a server that doesn’t have a Q time BUT the server must not be DEAD and have a good ration Horde / Alliance. BTW I only play HORDE.

The only closely comparable servers to what you are asking is Eranikus as it isn’t dead and steadily growing. Otherwise you have queues on completely faction imbalanced servers.


Look for yourself.

Come to sulfuras. It’s a full server with no Que. And there’s both horde and alliance but with more horde. It’s a east coast pvp server btw

It’s locked you can’t create or transfer there.

Earthfury or Eranikus.

Your options are limited tbh.
I would personally still just suggest waiting a bit more.
Queues are slowly going down. It sucks but a week or two might do the trick.
This is me coming from Faerlina.

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