14k queue, ya Blizzard you're brilliant

It is hilarious seeing you guys talking about how your server has no ques - I will laugh when the day comes Blizzard opens up free transfers to your server as well and you end up in the same exact spot as us because of Blizzard lol. Also instead of thinking “megaservers” are the issue maybe use your little brains and realize Blizzard hasn’t dedicated nearly enough resources to server management thus we are presented with issues. A lot of people who rolled on “megaservers” have been there since the beginning, they can’t do anything about randoms transferring.


Or… stop playing on mega servers.

I mean… it’s kinda valid

I have been on Grobbulus since day 1, never had these issues. Now because blizzard opened up free transfers and turned one of the only balanced faction servers into a “megaserver” its my issue and I need to figure it out? Uhh, no. We pay them to play the game - that entails them solving issues, not creating more.


They didn’t open free transfers to Grobb, they offered transfer off the realm.

Ahh okay I misread then, ty.

They still allowed regular transfers here which caused the influx I am assuming. Either way they could fix all of this if they dedicated more resources to their servers lol

Besides the queue, I love playing on a mega sever. This massive multiplayer online game is better in every way when there are more people to interact and play with.

Bene does have a community, it’s just harder to stand out as an individual.

I do understand that some people prefer to be a big fish in a small pond though.

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Terengen you make me sick! How dare you make fun of this hard working and completely competent company?

They care about their customers as evidenced by them taking the time out of their busy schedules to write a 1 minute post telling us we can transfer our character for FREE!!!

I’m sure we won’t regret the transfer later when we realize the realm is dead. It definitely wouldn’t lead us to purchase with real money a transfer to a server that isn’t dead thereby making them more money.

Where do you get off? How dare you…

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Wrong. There were free transfers here several months ago.

Sorry, I’m too busy not waiting in a queue.

Love this post lol.


Again , Sulfuras is popping for Horde and Ally is getting very active, come on over

IS IT impossible to increase server capacity? isnt blizzzard billionaire ballers? how much is a high capacity server cost


No, people didn’t choose a mega server, they were forced on to one because blizz shut down other servers and forced people out. And some of the servers that are now mega servers weren’t before blizz shut down all the smaller servers and gave everyone free transfers.


These are secret blizz workers i swear. Move to a dead server in 3 months and pay another 25$? :thinking:


Sure they can force transfer 5k players to Sulfuras and it’ll be balanced and High pop, nearing full. Of course, you might actually have to PvP on a PvP server if they fixt it.

Well also it did not help Grob that they took the refugee camps from other servers and dumped them on Grob… They should have just merged all the refugee camps into a large one and been done with it.

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yes. what he said makes sense. alot of sense actually. what are you missing?

guys calm down, im sure the very capable classic team is on it


Clear out the boosters and gold farmers from grob already. thank u