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My Guild and I are trying to move our characters to Eranikus, and we now know that the transfers were closed, but even as we checked there was no change to the Forum other then updated September 26th ( Transfer Restrictions and Free Character Transfers Now Available -- Updated Sept. 26 ) and faerlinas ridiculous ques we had no reason to click on the forum again cause it was still just saying Sept 26th on the title. and we decided this morning before raid to move over so everyone can play and not worry about que. Now half our raid who are stuck in que to clear their bags and mail boxes are now stuck over there. Still in que. IS there any way we can Open this for another day and be alittle more transparent about it being closed. Update the Forum title to Updated in October please.

" Having a huge issue with the communication here. Is there a reason the server transfer to Eranikus was ended? Is the server too full? My guild is in the midst of moving characters and many have already moved to Eranikus and many have not been able to transfer yet.
I feel a bit blindsided by the server transfer ending, a single day notice and no change the thread name for update?
I suppose we should have been checking the thread every day all day to make sure we would have caught a change no one anticipated.

Seriously hope we can get some helpful resolution, a mere extension and more than a week notice to a transfer ending would be greatly appreciated. As well as some notable indication/post that a free transfer is ending. "

Put by my guild leader

It was very very clear in their post.

These xfers could close at any time without notice.

A week notice? You can’t wait a week in these situations. Then eranikus becomes full and they have a nightmare. The server hit it’s quota so they closed it.

Tough s. Who had a month+ to xfer.

It actually amazes me that anyone comes to the forums with this attitude to the point that I wouldn’t be surprised if it was just blizzard gaslighting people so the company doesn’t look bad
Fact is, the free transfers should stay and be made more available and consistent. Literally not a debatable point. If they want people to feel safe leaving their community, in a community driven game, they need to accommodate that. It is literally their companies shortcomings that people are having to make changes for. We don’t control the servers. We don’t control their hardware, code, anything.

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Why would you wait till the last minute to transfer? It’s been available for over a week. And we honestly don’t need anymore Horde on Erankus anyways.


Or, I can look at the situation and give my own opinion… thats possible.

Do these people ever get the Blizzard leavings out of their mouths long enough to breathe, I wonder.

https://gyazo.com/1523e7a3af85398fa7a09c4ddfb44009 It still shows It was last updated September 26th, no update on the october, why would anyone click on this for news about October 6ths. Doesn’t make sense

On wowhead yesterday, front page.

Updated October 5

At 2:00 p.m. PDT (5:00 p.m. EDT) tomorrow, October 6, we will close all Free Character Transfers to the Eranikus realm.

You had an entire day to get this taken care of… and yet you slacked.

Add the wowhead news bot to your discord and stop ignoring it. Lots of good info there.

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i feel your pain, its hard to move so many people quickly.
that said that would be great news for everyone else if they only shut down horde transfers to eranikus.

Its not on the front page you have to click on the Forum that still says Updated September 26th, and STILL says September 26th even its been up dated twice since

They warned you that transfers could be closed at a moment’s notice. Why didn’t you heed those warnings?

nevermind, they shut down transfers for alliance too. so stupid.
benediction transfers, paid or not, only options are to go to horde dominated servers.

Its LITERALLY on the front page.

Go to “blue tracker”
1 day ago Transfer post… ITS RIGHT THERE.

I remember reading this yesterday thinking “oh nice, that server must be full… happy for those people who took the xfers, hope it works out”

This is 90000000% on you.

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