2 1/2 hour log in?

Old Blanchy needs to be taken out to pasture and turned into glue.

What a dog%*$( solution

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MVP status will be removed for trolling

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What about those of us that rolled here on day 1 of Classic? Transfer? That would be like telling my neighbor who was born here but is having trouble keeping up with property taxes due to all the out-of-state people flocking here driving costs up “Just move bro, stop being stoopid”

Sulfuras (on of the free transfer destinations) is already listed as full on the realm selection screen. All the mega servers STILL have MASSIVE queues…so that basically solved nothing and now even Sulfuras is approaching mega server status which brings along, you guessed it, QUEUES!

Sulfuras is already listed as full on the server list and is most likely rapidly heading towards mega server/queue status

It’s weird how whitemane has more people than grobb
but they don’t have 11k ques
its almost like blizzard intentionally limits layers on servers for an arbitrary reason.


It was released 6 days ago. And now has a 2 hour que. Give me another fresh pvp server option

The server was created 6 days ago. What warning?

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you are the same as a person who idolizes sports stars we call them jock sniffers you are blizzards jock sniffer

i see reading comprehension is difficult for some.

READ, READ FFS lmao, if you rolled on day 1 and it was full, yep, your fault, if you rolled on day 1 and it was a medium pop or whatever, then you’re very unlucky and my post wasnt addressing you. But those people are a tiny minority.

I find the solved by Kozzae in post #2 extremely offensive and have flagged him for trolling.

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No. the person asked why they allowed too many people there. Blizzard waited till the fire had engulfed the house before doing anything.

the stairs are closed. you can either wait for 3 hours for the elevator, or jump out the 20th story window. BLIZZARD GAVE YOU AN OPTION OK? lmao

I have a solution,

Have Blizzard delete half of the paladin rerolls for WotLK.

Nobody will miss them.

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Hopefully we’re on the good half =P

Its more like the elevator is closed, you can use the stares or wait for the elevator to be fixed.

They didn’t just allow them to go to well populated servers. They allowed 20k alliance to transfer in to Benediction even though the status was Full. Not high pop. Full. Wish they would just be transparent and have limits that are known. Like full means full. Not high pop. Not almost full. Tell us what full is and make that the limit. Give us some data to go on so we can decide what to do as opposed to constantly blindly transferring, hoping that we are going to a reasonably populated server where we aren’t the only one of our faction. I don’t mean iron forge raider numbers. Just tell us how many unique characters have logged into a server. Is that an unreasonable expectation?

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I noticed there is no rp pvp option for the rp pvp realm.

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