Can we get a blue post response on queue times?

booking an appointment for something days in advance and then showing up with 0 wait is such a laughably bad analogy I don’t even know what to say


Do you want an MMO or a single player game? As I leveled my DH and my Hunter in Shadowlands I saw all of 4 people in the zones because Blizzard had layered it up so much. It’s an MMO, you’re supposed to see actual players. I remember seeing 30-40 people on both sides in zones playing the original WoW, TBC, and Wrath. Now with layering I’m lucky to see 10 at best.

Mispeled had a solid post in the CC. Give it read and a like if you agree

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every day starting at 3 server time until like 2am server time is not consistent to you? EVERY DAY!

Blizzard is part of a huge company and WoW has millions of subs paying about $10-15 per month (some subs from different parts of the world are less). They have the budget, they just don’t want to spend it and would rather give it to shareholders and sink the game. Immediate gratification vs long term satisfaction.

Hey they did! Here you go Transfer Restrictions and Free Character Transfers Now Available

Read my comment again I said it was not consistently 6 hours that was claimed. Even your comment supports the fact it’s not consistent even if those times all where 6 hours (there not) as fact there are times without que means not constantly there.

The shareholders not wanting to spend it is the vary definition of not having the budget. The shareholders not the ones maintaining the server set the budget. Having the money is not the same as having the budget there massively different but do keep showing you don’t understand basic business yet are trying to tell a multi million dollar company how to run its business.

The ones maintaining the server can’t go and make changes without approval and budget from the shareholders via there representatives. As such exactly as I said it’s not as easy as was claimed you have to get the shareholders to approve the budget and that won’t happen without the buisneas anaylists showing the loss of players loses them mroe money than the cost to upgrade and that report takes time.

They are not able to instantly go and upgrade servers as such demanding they do makes no sense as it won’t happen. While history has shown in short order the ques will die down and those that “quit” come back. So it’s not clear if it’s better for them to upgrade servers or not cost wise.

but it is… every day

Gluck gluck gluck gluck


Everyday yes but the post i responded to said it was constantly 6 hours not that there was a que everyday. Why it’s important to know what you are responding to.

WRONG people pay a sub to come back to then run into this crap? ques are not expected by alot of people. stop defending this piss pore service. its bad you know it we all know it and it needs to be fixed. i say make it like runescape with a globalized ah and different channels you can enter when ever you want. so you can at least play the game with the people you want on these big events.


WoW has the worst community outreach of any game I’ve played.

I doubt we get a response on this, they’ll just plead ignorance and cash in on the xfer $$$

Also inb4 someone replies to me saying "They don’t reach out because the bad toxic wow players are mean to the poor blizz employees :cry: " – they should go tell retail employees how hard it is dealing with unhappy customers through a computer screen, would be funny to watch

I am not defending if ques should be there. I am countering the lies that people are claiming that they are “constantly 6 hours” among other things.

While mentioning that while they can do better it is ok that there are ques. It is a expected part of being on the large realms. If you did not expect them when moving to a large realm you did not look into that realm and that is on you. Blizzard even publicly stats you look up a realm and if you really want to be there before making transfers or a new toon.

I myself have in fact outright said it needs to be fixed but the fix dose not need to happen instantly like people claim. Nor are we entitled a blue post about them. Nor do we need compensation for it. Blizzard only needs to be aware of the issue and do what they can to address it. Like they have been for years. Many steps have been made to keep ques manageable from adding layers allowing free transfers off and so forth. Yes more can be done and likly will be but that will not happen instantly. Esp not getting larger servers people keep claiming are “so easy to do” it’s not that easy to do it.

current queue on bene 13,345 estimated wait time 296min

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Total 70’s on Sulfuras - 9159
Total 70’s on Grobbulus - 87529
Total 70’s on Feralina - 44872
Total 70’s on Benediction - 97606

Data derived from wowclassicpop website

Grobbulus has been between 3-8 hours everyday, ALL DAY. even at 3AM there was a queue this morning.

Someone tryed to claim that last night and I used an alt on grob only to login without a que. Was around 5 am my time.

But do try again

there is a q now but yea i logged in at 5am (7am my time) and was fine

But it is a M E G A S E R V E R!