Free transfer Issue?

Hi, was trying to follow some friends from Sulfuras to Eranikus. Was able to transfer my 70 alts just fine, but went to transfer over my main and it said “transfers are no longer available here” (something to that extent). What gives is this a bug or something? I want to play with my friends and between ques and other things its frustrating and feels impossible.

Transfers to Eranikus were closed today at 2 PM PDT.


The free transfers were a limited time event and it ended. There is no bug there.


didnt realize that, so what can i do?

Paid transfer unless they locked the realm would be your only option.


any chance i could get it reversed or an exception made by a gm since i was literally trying to go there lol

They may reopen Free Character Moves if they feel the realm can accept them and if they are needed, but I’m afraid Customer Support wouldn’t have any information on if/when that may happen.

Alternatively, if the realm is not locked then Paid Character Transfers may be available. Obviously, not the most ideal option, but an option.


Generally speaking, Free Character Moves tend to be final. If your characters are split, it might be possible but you’ll need to submit a request to find out. I don’t know how likely such an exception would be though.


No chance to get the 13 day wait expedited right? Appreciate your help Vrakthris!

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Tickets are closer to 7 days, not the 13ish that the system might show. That’s the age of the oldest ticket in queue, but it could be a special case ticket.


Sorry, no. If we were able to expedite a ticket then everyone would be asking for the same and it wouldn’t be fair to everyone else who is currently waiting.


I’m literally in the same predicament, i could never play on Faerlina because there’s always 4-7 hour wait times so I looked up the most sufficient realm I could transfer to with 50/50 players for PVP and i transferred 2 of my characters to Erankis and i went to transfer all my other ones over to it and its gone from the list. so now all my other characters i cant even play no matter the time of the day and both of the 2 i transfered are too low level to do anything.

I currently have the same issue I sent a character to see how the server was before moving all of my characters the queues were too long to get into faerlina so I couldn’t clear the mailboxes of thousands of gold worth of items and now there are no free transfers to Eranikus leaving me with 6 70s I cant play and a character ill equipt to play on a new server

The lock is hard coded, until it lifts theres nothing that can be done

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