Transfer Restrictions and Free Character Transfers Now Available -- Updated Nov. 22

You guys have done a terrible job with servers throughout all of classic. Absolutely terrible. My guild has already had to pay to transfer twice. The first time we left Skeram because you allowed all the alliance players to transfer off. We paid to transfer to Benediction when the server population was lower and 60% alliance 40% horde. You then allowed unrestricted transfers to continue for alliance. The alliance population ballooned and then you allowed horde to transfer off. We were essentially forced to pay to transfer when we were some of the last remaining horde players with no AH activity and no one to play with outside our guild. We chose to go to faerlina where there were no Alliance (we gave up on the hope that Blizzard cared about two factions in the world), but at least we would have other players and a lively AH. There were never any que issues with Faerlina since we have been here until Pre-patch.

Now there is a que. What options are we suppose to have when we want to play? You provide free transfers now, but our experience has shown that this is most likely just a bait and switch to get us to move to a dead server and pay again to transfer.

What a joke. You guys have done a terrible job with server health. These ques are artificial. There wasnt a que a week ago. You are purposely forcing us to transfer again so that when that server dies we have to pay again.

Will you give us free transfers in 2 months if the server we transfer to dies? This is really pathetic on your part.


Is there any real reason to not have cross-realm stuff enabled beyond “the classic experience?”


Blizzard WTF all of my characters except my fresh pally is stuck on faerlina with a wait time of over 3000 people. Whitemane doesnt even have a queue time that makes zero sense as to why you’d screw that up. unlift this sheit I will pay full price for a transfer to the server of my choice as i thought that was my right to play with my friends as an active sub on not one but two accounts. screw your free transfer but let me go where i want to play and where my other characters are this is restricting so much as i Can’t play from faerlina 3000 people and can’t transfer to whitemane where my guild is, all my alts. Blizzard fix this garbage its not a mega server you gotta bring down the ego abit.


They want you to transfer so that when your destination server dies you have to pay for transfers. $1,000s of dollars in transfer fees for guilds to transfer together.


Yeah transfer to Old Blanchy or Sulfuras so in 3 months when the servers are still dead you can realize you messed up and have to transfer back for actual money.


Read all your replies blizzard DEvs and take a second to actually listen to the players for once its not that hard. This is a dumb idea please undo it so I can actually go play the game with my friends for ffs. !!!


Hey look a solution that does nothing.
No one is going to old blanchy / sulfuras with a 300 pop.

This is entirely your fault as a company for over selling a server by ~3000-10000 accounts past the limit. You need to resolve the issue financially.


No pleasing the megaserver minded playerbase. Good effort though.


And that’s an issue for them to solve. Bad network code can cause this to happen, they are troubling their PAYING customers because they don’t want to work on fixes? Is like saying “we cannot give people cars as the streets only allow bicycles to be usen”… like WTF Fix the god damn streets then!

I wonder what has happened between now and a week ago that would potentially cause more players to log in.




Is there any discussion about priority queueing for the underpopulated faction? Seems a bit dumb to be punished for being Horde Benediction on a server that’s 99.6% Alliance. We get punished enough by being outnumbered, we don’t need a queue on top of it.


slowly becoming the laughing stock of the gaming industry with how bad your customer support and satisfaction is. I really thought you getting bought by microsoft would change things but it didn’t just made them more power hungry and its there way or the highway because i don’t see happy customers in your forums almost ever these days and that is sad given the potential to make so many people happy if you actually i don’t know listened to your paying customers… really hard i know.


Never gonna figure it out, just gonna keep offering bandages that fall off after one day.

And then tell us youll sell us another bandage for 25 bucks in 90 days.


Grobb might survive but only because Benediction isn’t open for xfers.


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looks like blizzard wants people who wanna play on high-population realms to create new characters there and use the 70 boost (50$) instead of paying 25$ for transfer.


C’mon, you have to be smarter than this… I get the idea that you want to “revive” dead servers by forcing people to move there and only there, but is not going to work at all, a better solution will be to merge those “dead” servers and make a couple and then offer transfers to those servers. you have servers with 30k players, others with 10k, servers with 1-2k and dead servers with 500 players. You should merge all those under 10k pop into one (or a couple depending) and then maybe you can offer transfers to those. Or even better offer free transfer to whatever server we want to.

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because theyre going to artifically gate their servers w/ queues so they have to PAY to leave.

this should be a sign.

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The great schism happening at the worst possible hour.

No one will ever leave Faerlina or Benediction for Sulfuras or Old Blanchy.

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faction limits per server


Does Pagle even have a queue lol