Let me get this straight


People tend to ignore personal responsibility. I dont mean it to be dismissive, just simple truth.


Very well written OP. For years Blizzard has not kept up with server health and then they blame their own player base for their failures. This issue has divided the community and has created this toxic atmosphere.

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Oh i know, I’ve said the exact same thing like 1-2 weeks ago when someone brought the same topic of if they’re liable for queues.

It’s just that the people affected tend to only care that their server has a queue and not that others don’t.


Personal responsibility? How about the fact that anyone taking those transfer will have to pay $25 a pop in three months to leave their now dead server?

Whose responsibility is that? Are you going to make fun of them for transferring to a dead server in 3 months?

You might find this helpful, Blizz is giving you options. Using w/e excuse you may wana give then complaining isnt a good choice.

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Best decision I made was transferring to Sulfurus from bene

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When I returned to WoW classic a couple weeks before prepatch, I looked up the servers. When I checked out server pops and say that BB had about 1000 other Alliance, I picked it because that is a healthy population that would not result in queues. I get that some people want 24/7 access to pugs, but they need to acceot that queues during new content launches is the opportunity cost for that.


Absolutely over exaggerated, I have played every day on Grobb with maybe a 2 hour wait a few times. The max queue has gone down considerably at this point.

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If everyone doesnt leave it, then it wont be dead, will it? Yes, personal responsibility. You picked your mega server, not Blizz. Blizz said they wanted to get away from mega servers and have a more even player distribution. Grow some patience.

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I like how some parks now let you pay extra to skip the line, I’m surprised Blizzard hasnt added a diablo immortal style such service, pay $20 bucks to skip the line and get in right now 874% value!

wait for it…

yes… I think its worth $20 bucks, I must get in now!!!

credit card activated, BOOM yes i am in now!! what??!? emergency server maintenance in 5 minutes, get to a safe spot to logout now!! LOL!! hhahah

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I am sure there are bean counters right now, asking to do this.

No, people don’t all leave it. People quit. Then you’re left with few and have no choice but to leave.

You telling me other people quitting is our fault?


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It would help your argument if you understood that the section you’re referencing is for media that is defective, such as a damaged disc or an invalid cd-key. Not for not being able to access the server you want to access at the instant you want to access it.

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People quitting affects those mega servers as well, hence the second option “deal with the queue”. I dont blame anyone. I also dont really care what you do as I demonstrated a little forethought and researched my server before starting. Seriously, far too many of these threads are filled with people whinging about facing what should have been well anticipated consequences of their choices. It’s a bit boring, tbh.

Holding players accountable for their decisions, as well as expressing a fact that other options are available and just because you dont like those options doesnt mean they arent there, is not toxic.

I guess the Crystal ball at Blizzard HQ was broken that day… /s

Wrong. I have seen plenty of groups on non mega servers after hours.

RDF doesn’t fix this. If the player base doesn’t want to raid/dungeon/play VRchat, They won’t. RDF doesn’t create players.

There was a point Grobb had queues as high as 6.5 hours. I sat in them. In fact, I didn’t actually play the game for three days in a row because the queues for Grobb were 5+ hours. They are better now, but they have been much worse.

One has to wonder why Blizzard left realms open to transfers long after they reached capacity. When realms are 12-15k beyond capacity, that’s not a minor misjudgement. That’s neglect.

TBH, what really irked me was that they left Grobb as a free destination long after they took Benediction, Faerlina and Whitemane off the list, despite players asking them to close free transfers to Grobb.

People are pissed, and justifiably so, that they now have to make a choice (transfer or sit in queue) that they wouldn’t be faced with making if Blizzard had done their job.