Has customer support went on strike? 6 days with no response

Not on strike, just a bit overwhelmed with the amount of recent contacts. I don’t want to say they can’t help, would encourage waiting and patience, but if a server is locked to transfers, it’s locked to GM staff as well. Though I don’t work for Blizzard, I would encourage patience again with the ticket.


I think something is misunderstood - Eranikus is not locked. I am attempted to move away from a locked server to go there

So you just need your mail cleared?

I would like the free transfer that was available when I was attempting to use it, the transfer is now paid one day after I tried to use it (but couldn’t because of the queue)

Are there even any announcements whether transfers start and end?

I mean, Eranikus FCM has been closed since 6th Oct?

Please note: we will close free transfers to Eranikus when we see it approaching a population that is so high that it might begin queueing. This may occur without a great deal of warning.


Agreed 100%. Series of events:

Step 1: I was done dealing with the queue on locked server Benediction → so decided to move characters to a new server. Was able to move 1 bank alt, the rest were locked because mail in bags and 10k queue stopped me from being able to xfer them.
Step 2: Paid a character boost to be able to play on the new server that day while I waited to move everyone else over
Step 3: Logged in the next day to benediction, cleared mail and the free xfer to this server was not available

This all happened on Oct. 6 and I’ve been sitting around waiting for a response to my ticket since then, hence the post here. I was successful as mentioned in one FCM

You’re welcome to leave your ticket open and ask, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up. The free transfers ended, and they generally don’t give exceptions.

It’s unfortunate that it played out this way for you, but when free migrations are done, they are done. The usual answer is that you will need to use the Character Transfer service.

That said, these are unusual times. It’s possible they might be able to help. But I want to set expectations that it’s not what is usually done.


This happened to me. I now have two characters marooned on Eraninkus and two on Grobbulous. I guess I’ll have to pay to have them all united. :pleading_face:

I’m sorry to hear that.

Are you referring to me, Jpolnareff? If so, I don’t know what you are talking about. I don’t play WoW with any characters that are named after my forum Avatar. Nor do I play on any realms that you have characters on. I can assure you, you’ve never spoken to me in-game.


No, there is an “r” in my name, and not in that one. My personal account doesn’t have any characters named after my work Avatar. Nor would it be able to since Vrakthris is blocked from being used by any account other than my forum one.

I also don’t play classic, other than recently running the Death Knight starting area so I can get my mount in regular World of Warcraft.


Don’t feed the trolls! :frowning:

But the clap-back ratios are always wonderful to see. :frowning:


Cool to know that official names aren’t usable in game. Grifters beware.


Sometimes I wonder if I’ve ran into mods in PvP. Perhaps I’ve monkey-morphed Kalv?

I can neither confirm nor deny that every time I go to Gorgrond, for any reason, I stop off and kill Bashiok.

I also don’t get involved with the Magrum vs. Gelkis clan war, because I don’t want to anger the Vrakthris.


Skycaller Vrakthris is associated with the Galak tribe… though I hear there are some pretty nifty centaurs in Dragonflight, I might have to see if they can adopt me into their clan. :smiley:


I doubt the venerable skycaller of the Galak clan is much concerned with the petty maneuvering and internecine warfare of lesser clans.

Editing to add: the DF Centaur do look fascinating, from both lore and gameplay perspectives.


Hello, can you maybe get someone on the tech support forum to look at the Verizon lag thread?There’s a lot of people in there with the same issue. Your the only blue name I’ve seen that’s consistently in the threads. Thank you for what u do