Trying to rehome a guild right now is an absolute catastrophe

Same here op, this whole thing was poorly communicated/managed.

What’s worse, if you transferred off of one of the merged servers to get to one with people on it, you are locked out of transferring for up to 90 days.

3 of us moved from sulfuras before it was merged because there was no communication until it was too late. Now we are either boosting, leveling other characters that we can actually play together with.

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Well if its unlocked now, it just happened, because it has been locked for a while.

I’d appreciate you not calling me a liar.

Heads up. Only one of those “PvP” servers are actually PvP servers. Some of the servers in your initial list of locked servers are completely onesided 99.9% one single faction. So don’t let that “PvP” designation fool you… these are PvE servers for all intents and purposes.

The only real, true, PvP server is Grobb. Thats it. Every other server is a PvE server, regardless of the tag.


Good luck. Blizzard really bungled server capacity and balance.

On the flip side, maybe one or two servers offer anything close to actual world PVP.

The rest are PVP in name only where all the tryhards can claim they play on ‘real’ servers.


Well what you said was completely false and you stated it as a fact. So what should I call you?

Pagle isn’t locked but the guild can’t transfer there:

Either way, there are other viable PVE servers but they don’t want to go there.

Allowing paid transfers as well to Eranikus would probably be the best solution here (for the OP). I want Earthfury to bounce back but I wouldn’t advocate for transferring there at this time. Maybe there will be a better option before the raids start in Wrath anyway? Yeah i can see how this whole thing would suck for a returning guild.


They are when the PvP server you are on is a 99/1% server, effectively making it PvE for one side.

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Thats why we all left to Grob.

PvE is not an option.

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Regardless of faction balance a pvp server is generally still a better choice for someone who wants to pvp than a pve server.


Open free transfers to Earthfury! It makes no sense why it has been left to die when there are still regularly hours long Qs.

Heck, there’s a chance it could become a mini Grob if they opened to Bene, Faerlina and Grob and roughly the same ratio of horde/ally make the move. Could literally be another viable pvp server option. Absolutely disgraceful that Blizzard has bungled this so poorly.


Yea that’s why it’s such a bummer that we have to transfer off Grobb to begin with. It’s genuinely decently balanced here and the world pvp is poppin, but all that ends the minute we decide we want to play with our friends thanks to these heavy-handed policies.

We shouldn’t have to be in this position of choosing between raiding with our friends and giving up a huge chunk of the game we enjoy. We are being punished because Blizzard can’t manage their servers. And to add another slap in the face, we each get to pay $25 to downgrade our experience. GREAT! It just sucks so hard.

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It would have been nice if we had a way to get accurate realm population (by faction and over period of time) :frowning_face:

Yes, your intentions were good, you wanted to play on high populated server, balanced server, pvp server, all the best at that time, you just didnt account for wotlk influx of new players.
You werent prepared to make any compromises, it had to be that server.
If you made some compromise, you could have gone to PvE server, they are all known for long term stability, unlike todays monofaction “pvp” servers.
Healthy pvp servers does not exist and Grobb wont stay that way for long.

If you all needed to be on Grob you should have all moved there day 1 of prepatch none of these servers were locked in the first few days.

Your coming last minute to the event website and are wondering why all the good seats are taken.

I can agree for whole guilds, I personally have been trying to get my friends grouped on a server, and its been quite a challenge. Some boosted on Faerlina since our guild moved here, then next day the server locked so it stopped our friends from xfering or making chars. Now Sulfuras is locked, I have 2 70s on each server and can’t even move them to either server without paying $100 to go to some crappy dead server, or a pve server. Even the free transfer from Faerlina is not accepting xfers lmfao.

Blizzard dropped the ball somewhere on that, why offer free transfers to a server not accepting transfers. Not a great offer.

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Wrath launch will make pre-patch server problems look like the school lunch room on Pizza Friday.

Lying is intentionally speaking false with intent to deceive. One can be incorrect without lying.

Of course one can also be trolling or speaking sarcastically assuming there’s no intent to deceive.

Call them correct?

But they’re not.

Thanks for the advice. I was there before Prepatch and many of our players did manage to get there on day 1. But getting 24 other people to all pull the trigger at the exact same time is not exactly easy.

Don’t act so smug, this has literally never happened in the history of WoW. No one could have foreseen this coming. We expected people to trickle in. We were ready for extreme ques for a month or two. We were not ready for Blizzard to decide they dont allow transfers anymore PERIOD.

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