Faerlina layers

Faerlina is now down to 1 layer and the lag is crazy. The lag was really bad when we got knocked down from 7 layers to 3. Now dalaran is nearly unusable and its not even peak raiding time.

Have you considered taking a free transfer?

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Do you know why layers were turned off? The server doesn’t have queues so its not full anymore warranting transfers.

I don’t know!

My guess is that if they were, it’s to encourage people to transfer off before the next content release.

Layering originally was supposedly only intended to last for a couple of weeks, not to be a part of Classic indefinitely.

Layering will only be used for a couple of weeks or maybe a month at the start of Classic WoW, in order to balance the huge influx of players in the same zones. Once the situation reaches a controlled state, it will be completely disabled and realms will once more have one instance of themselves.


Probably because it’s horrible for the game. That, or it’s just another major bug that Blizzard has failed to acknowledge because they’re too busy with Dragonflight. But hopefully the former.

Yes I’d much rather play on a server where I will struggle to do all content…

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Every character rubber banding around Dalaran. Things taking forever to load. I feel like we are back at the launch of Classic Vanilla. This was an absolutely stupid idea.

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