The Que Problem in a Nut Shell From a Blue Post

If you did this in the first place and actually managed the servers in the previous months instead of completely neglecting Classic. We wouldn’t have this Que problem! Now you just unloaded it on the players to fix while still having no accountability.

Keep in mind I’m not mad at the Blue’s who post. I like Kaivax. I’m angry with the financial decisions to completely and utterly not care for Classic and use it as some auto pilot cash cow instead of trying to fix the plethora of problems it has. So that way the players can enjoy the game.

Just would be great if Blizzard apologized and cared about it’s paying customers. Own up to creating these Que problems! Then actually fix the problems and put even a tiny bit of effort into Classic. Why does Blizz treat their players so poorly and obviously not care. This is the message Blizzard has sent and it has likely destroyed the launch of Wrath of the Lich King.

That’s all.


blizz is all about $$$$ its a business not a game

Well they would of made a lot more $$$ if they didn’t royally mess up the servers hurting the potential for players. Or just neglect Classic and bugs making people not want to play. If they had a lot people dedicated to making Classic the game it can be they would have millions of more players and money. It’s like they are trying to fail.

So now Blizzard is out of a lot of $$$ by just being on Auto pilot and going dark every time a massive issue arrives.

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They’re an indie company! They can’t afford big servers!


The what problem?

Not preventing and just allowing infinite transfers for $ to the now mega realms is gross incompetence. There are so many metaphors (airlines, netflix, etc.) to illustrate how messed up Blizzard managed the health of realms, I wouldn’t know how to begin.

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100% agree with this. They can actually easily work their way out of this, if they didnt have the most scumbag mindset when it comes to the transfers. An ethical company would issue full refunds for all realm transfers from Classic.


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