Level 70 Character Boost not usable on Eranikus

Thank you for the responses. I’ll try the ticket route.


Long wait for the tickets to be answered though

While regrettable, response times will be back to normal once this whirlwind of events dies down, hopefully within a couple more weeks.


I made my ticket 5 days ago and last night the in-game wait time said 7 days still. I don’t see how anything to do with this issue is going to be resolved before launch.

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Any chance we get an update regarding the actual topic of this post (Boost not working) any time soon? A lot of blue posts here completely about a differing topic, which is frustrating to see when you are following this for an update.

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Nothing has been stated on the Classic WotLK thread. Since our Blues here aren’t Devs, you’ll likely find out whenever they update over there. The last update was 9/16, will hopefully get another tomorrow?


this is a blue related to an entirely different matter. correct blue post is called “Eranikus - Character Boost” the last update was Sept 13, check blue tracker if you’d like.

The issue of Boost restrictions on Eranikus is the actual topic of this post that Markster was reffering too, others have noticed the CS reps here and have gotten help with other issues.

Just to denote: The blues here are very limited on what they can help with. Even then, they’re not really able to fulfill every request coming through here. More so when things they don’t have power or info on beyond what isn’t already posted by other blues in other forums.

They’re very limited in terms of power on what they can do without feeling like being an alt to ticketing system.

I am aware of it, but that post is kind of the catch-all for all of the server wonkiness. The only other place you may find news would be if/when a hotfix is pushed out. The Blues here are SFAs, they’re not Devs. And more often than not they find out what’s going on the same time we do whenever Devs choose to actually provide updates. I know this forum gets a lot of traffic due to the fact we actually get interaction and responses from our SFAs more than any other forum on here, but even they’re not always in the loop - by their own admission. I just want to make sure folks know that thread I linked is catching fairly regular updates, so it’s a place to watch when it’s not a guarantee we’ll get the update here.


once again it does not mention anything about boost restrictions, thats covered in another blue post like I said and we are aware.

this is a week old post guys, not much more you can add by telling me blues here can’t do anything about this issue. I’m very aware, but they have helped other people with a few other issues so that’s great! and in the case of this topic Vrakthis was able to inquire about the issue and notify the team, so we’re good :slight_smile:

I mean at this point I can’t believe they are going to fix it if it’s not done after today’s reset, they just don’t care

You mean tomorrow? Today is Monday in Cali.

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Glad i decided to read the forums before I spent money on the wrath upgrade. Started fresh on a new server because the ques on grob are insane. Cant even move my toons yet to maladath. They should have allowed a boost and character transfers to new realms after you lvl a toon to 70. Kind of like how you had to lvl up to make a DK.

Maladath is a ‘Fresh’ server, there are restrictions on fresh servers including no boosts for I believe 180 days, no transfers, etc. New servers (like Eranikus) are different and aren’t suppose to have such restrictions. When this server was configured there’s a high chance it was originally made to be fresh, but then changed and released as new and it’s like they forgot to change the one thing that allows boosts.

Also this Fresh and New terminology is killing me because Fresh servers are new, but then there are new non-fresh servers, alksdfja;klsjdf;lk

Bump, should I refund my Boost along with my monthly subscription now since Blizzard sold me a Character Boost on a server with Boost disabled?

That’s up to you. For reference, here’s Blizzard’s Refund Policy so that you’re aware of what to expect.

And here’s the section specifically for Subscriptions so that you have that too.


If its not fixed before the release then it sorta defeats the purpose

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Blizz please fix this problem and unlock character creation on Eranikus PLEASE! A lot of friends want to play there but they are locked!!!

My wife and I have two tickets with Blizzzard Support. One for my Accoutn and she opened one for hers.

Blizzard Support responded back to both of us with DIFFERENT ANSWERS!

They told me “Eranikus is not accepting Character Boost and I can process a refund”

They told my wife “Erankius should accept Character Boost without Issues and I should create a character on Faerlina as a workaround”

This AWFUL support isnt even on the same page, CLUELESS

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How in the world is this at all acceptable? So we all just wasted money on a boost we cant use? Seriously don’t know why I continue to play this game. I have to be mentally ill.