Locked without warning

Without any warning what so ever Blizzard locked Sulfuras from making new toons and transferring toons. It seems like this has happened without warning for anyone to know. I had made a new account and purchased the wrath pass while I was at work to be able to play with my buddies only to find out once I was home I wouldnt be able to play. This is INSANE. Yes I understand that they dont want over population servers. BUT when you have people that are getting the game on a FRESH account they should not have these restrictions for at least 1 toon that they use for the boost. This is insane.




everyone wants to be an exception

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Learn how to read maybe

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Sorry Blizzard isn’t the type to spoon feed you with information.

Sometimes you need to be a grown up and search information on forums or wow related websites.

Sorry this happened but the information was out there :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Just wait for people to leave the game because they cant play with their friends and blizz will say

WhY DoNt ThEY wAnT 2 plAy OuR GaMe

Unlock the servers now blizz, or watch the game die


Get absolutly destroyed @Attleboro.

In all seriousness though, Sulf was almost a dead server untill like a week or 2 ago when they opened free Xfers off the big servers. It’ll probably be a month after launch before people get bored of the game and queues die down.

it won’t die, just the retail tourist probably like you will go back to retail when DF is out and we will finally be cured of most of the karens that fill the classic environment

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No. Im going back to private servers where there is no layers or pop caps.

Called this. Everyone in queues begging Blizz to be heavy handed and get rid of mega servers, force faction balance, lock realms etc. Immediately people start whining about how they can’t play w friends. This is why Blizz is so hands off w realm population issues.

Everyone thinks they are the exception, especially narcissist gamers.


-1 p2w andy
even better

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Listen bucko. No one asked to lock the servers, we asked to uncap the pop so people are not being gatekept by ques.

Their solution of not allowing to play on the server at all isnt a solution, its worse. Limiting players by queue is better alternative than locking it.

They can easily make transfers free for every and any server and everything will solve itself, or somehow make all servers connected which they wont do for the same reason they wont do the first idea.

Not according to most players in queue. Although Blizzard has always agreed w you. You must have missed the flood of tears on the forums that are still ongoing for some realms.

You think the tears are bad now, let them try CRZ as a solution, 1/2 the players would quit. Not a Classic solution.

More people are going to quit for not being able to play with their friends

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That’s why the servers are queued, right? Everyone quitting? I guess we’ll see, don’t let the door hit ya…pro tip: launch queues will be much worse, bc everyone is quitting :kissing_heart:

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It’s like a Yogi Berra quote.

“No one plays wow anymore, the queues are too long”

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