Far cry from 12million engaged subs

So WotLK was the peak of wow, with upwards of 12 million subs before they stopped reporting the numbers becuase they were tanking.

With this knowledge Blizzard have apparently planned ahead sufficiently that of the 62 world servers only a handfull are not at least medium or full.

Based on Grobs 8k 155min queue this evening thats potentially 62x8000 stuck in queues. Thats right Blizzard…there are potentially 500k stuck in queues.

That’s upwards of $6.5mil in monthly subscriptions. Now if we assume 1 person with a bad customer service experience tells 10 of their freinds thats 5million potential re subscribers that won’t.

Please ensure the next shareholers meeting includes a slide entitled "How we threw 65million a month down the maelstrom! ( You may even have one already made following Cataclysm launch)

You’re welcome


This should help.

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Grobbulus is a balanced 47.4 to 52.6 US West PvP server and our options are a 98% horde PvP East Coast server with a pop of 802 and a PvE server with a population of 357?

Someone smoking the crack pipe at Blizzard?


Most people aren’t coming back… Blizzard did way too much reputation damage to themselves to get people to like them again.

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This is a self reported number and not verifiable. Who knows what Vivindi was up to.

If only 3 or 4 american servers are having this problem, how do you extrapolate that all servers have this problem? I dont think Pagle or Mankirk have queues, the largest PVE servers.

Bold of you to assume that 1 person who plays wow has 10 friends that play wow. And if your friend told you they are quitting wow, are you also quitting wow?

Its probably not an accident you aren’t on the board of directors.

most people…

the same that said they were quitting 3 times in the last 6 months?

sure bub

It does not help. I’m on Grob if I can’t get in then I can’t play. Got off work last night had a 121 min Que so I just went to bed cause I got to work again for 12hrs. I’m sure I won’t be able to play again tonight.

They need to get Que times down most of us have jobs now and have a few hours after work to play.

Lets not forget that Blizz created this problem. Poor server management made many guilds and my friends go to Grob. (I took a FREE transfer to Grob.) Now I’m in a guild with friends. I’m not leaving. Going to a different server ruins my gaming experience.

Blizz needs to increase players allowed on servers and make right their poor mismanagement of servers. Blizz wonders why they have a bad rep. It’s lack of care about the players and expecting them to always bend over backwards.

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Hey everyone! Let’s get out of this DEAD realm!

3 weeks later…

Hey Guys! GUYS! Listen! We can’t log in! Halp!!!

Thats right. This is 2022. There are mmos that were released many years go that have all players on one realm. Blizz needs to fix THEIR ISSUE.

I actually want to highlight this because my guildies and I were talking about it. Back when they first announced they were no longer reporting subs (early WoD) they made some sort of comment that “Subscription count doesn’t accurately reflect the success of the game” and I just kind of accepted that at the time; didn’t think much of it.

Now looking back when you pull their quarterly statements and all evidence points to the fact that the WoW subscriber base continues to dwindle beyond what WoD had (which was around a 5M-6M count IIRC) and the writing is on the wall for how the game is actually developed these days. Subscribers are not the bread and butter for how they make money.

Expansion packs and their premium varieties, in-game services, toys/mounts, etc are where the money comes from. The closest to caring about subscribers they care about is getting people locked into 6 month sub packages so they stay subscribed for longer than they probably would be if they could cancel at any time.

The simple reality of the situation for this game is that they squeeze more money from less players to maintain a similar level of profitability. Right, wrong, or indifferent they don’t care that they may lose subscribers because their financial model accounts for it. Just look at how many WoTLK mounts are flying about in pre-patch right now and consider that those people willingly spent $80 on a game they already had access to.

I quit for 6 years, not 6 months… https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/us/shadowsong/mightylink/pve/raids

Wrath was the only thing that would ever get me back.

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