Where’s the communication Blizzard?

Because that isn’t an answer or fix to anything. It’s a bandaid, that when ripped off (time) will be a gushing wound again (dead server).

Server only “dies” if you jabronis fail to effectively transfer there.

The rest of your complaints are things you have to decide if they’re worth the queue or not, thats totally your call. Its a tradeoff.

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My guild waited out transfers away from every server until the population was under 500 and we couldn’t fill raids anymore or find things to buy on the AH anymore. We’ve seen 3 servers die and are on our 4th. Why should we fall for this same song and dance again and transfer losing our names, guild name, gbank, connections, friends, PUG fills, etc. In 3 months the queues will be long gone and people will be quitting again forcing everyone who transferred off the “mega servers” to transfer back again when their new servers are dead.

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“After much consideration, we understand that players do not wish to transfer from an east coast server to a west coast server, and have opened up for additional free character transfers. We are also hiring additional temporary staff to assist with emptying mailboxes and removing arena teams for anyone who is unable to log in”.

Literally all that’s needed is some form of acknowledgement that the solution they’ve offered is not acceptable for large numbers of people, and that they’re acknowledging these issues and trying to address them. Given that a lot of the concern is coming from people who have seen low population servers fall, free transfer vouchers back if the destination server drops back to low would also help.


Sounds good!

you mean this communication?

BB said something on his twitter regarding the issue but of course nothing will be posted in the forums about it as per usual. Says its a hardware issue, something about bottlenecking, i’m not a software guy tho.

has the replies and posts i mentioned.

If by communicative you mean he got on camera and cried and the community quit their moaning for 5 seconds to say “Papa yoshi don’t cry we love you!” then sure. He does this every single time a problem arises with FF14.

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This response is what I would expect from a massive company today. Respectful response instead of the obvious ignorance they currently put on their player base. But it’s time to be real- Blizzard doesn’t give a $hit.

It’s the usual Japanese business solution, grovel in front of an audience - change literally nothing about your strategy, repeat.

Yup, he did the exact same thing Stormblood when people couldn’t progress past the 5th story quest or w/e.


They need to address dead faction population where people literally can’t play the game, high server queues where people literally can’t play the game, and the outcry for LFD. Instead we got an ulduar post in which ulduar is a year away… and it’s an idea. And they had a terrible response to the automated ban wave.

Nintendo does this stuff all the time, they never actually change how they do stuff. They wait til there’s customer anger, cry and make a big speech about how ashamed they are then just do it again.

Audiences eat it up, especially westerners. They mistake it for actual remorse…it’s just their version of corporate bs

This screws all alliance on Mankrik. They could’ve opened free transfers to Mankrik alliance.

Remember when the first version of FF14 failed so bad that the higher ups all resigned publicly? Squeenix then gave players of that time a large chunk of free play time?
When have we even received a half apology from blizzard?

you make it sound like they call committed suicide for shaming the customers, it was a restructuring. Blizzard does that all the time when a project doesn’t sell as well as they wanted it to

Blizzard apologizes all the time as well it’s just our community is quick to dismiss it as a copy paste corporate apology, which most of the time it is.

agree. This is HIGHLY unacceptable.

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