Transfers to Benediction Not Allowed

Why can’t I transfer my character to Benediction? I already have level 70 characters there. I can’t be logged in on more than one at a time; how does this prevent overpopulation? Remove this restriction for people like me


Because they are waaaaay overpopulated. Some people have been waiting 5+ hours just to play.

I know you can only play one character at a time but at the moment it’s just a countermeasure to stem the tide of people trying to log in.

Sorry you got caught up in it honestly.

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I’d like to main the character that I’m unable to transfer to Benediction to play with friends, but instead I’ll have to main a different character on Benediction. No change in the server occupancy


Because they’re trying to entice you to leave the server. Allowing you to move more of your alts to it is the exact opposite of that

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I get that you’re already on the server. That’s what the blue post says.

We can leave though. 2 characters away!

Are you for real? You can’t even play on Benediction without scheduling it 8 hours in advance.

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