Character Restoration BROKEN

It’s almost 4 am and I was messing around in character creation. I accidentally deleted my main on Grobbulus and now when I try to restore it, it pops up for me to restore and when I click okay, it keeps giving me an error message: “There was a problem restoring your deleted character. Please try again later”. It’s been doing this for hours. My assumption is that it’s because Grobbulus is locked and you can’t even create new characters, so now my guy is hitting some technical error even getting restored since I do not have any alts. Am I going to have to wait 2-3 weeks to hear back from Blizzard on this?

Do you have any other characters on Grob? If not, there is nothing a GM can do. The lockout is hard coded in, the GMs cannot bypass it.

Also, how you accidentally delete a character? You have to actively type delete in the text box that pops up when you hit the delete button.


Well, hopefully, they figure out some solution.

If that was your only character on Grobbulus, you won’t be able to restore it until the realm is unlocked. It’s not something the GMs can bypass with a ticket.


The only solution is to wait until the developers decide to unlock the realm.

This question/issue has come up time and time again on this forum. Blizzard’s answer has always been the same.


Cool, then they can eat 6 months of chargebacks. Sounds like it’s GAME OVER for me!

Unfortunately, there isn’t anything that can be done until the Devs decide to unlock the server. And no Devs come here, so your pleas will be unheard.

You can keep an eye on this thread, they’ll update it when they decide to start unlocking things. But this is how it’s been since before WotLKC pre-patched, and I’ve yet to see any exceptions given. That’s why there is the confirmation box where you have to type “DELETE” before it’ll let you delete. Mistakes happen, but there are often consequences to those mistakes. This consequence is you’re now locked out of Grobb if you have no other live characters on that realm.

That is your right, of course. Again - you did the thing, no one else. And it will be you having to pay back that chargeback if/when you want to try and come back. I will warn you though? I’ve been seeing more cases of people’s debit/cards being invalidated to pay back said chargebacks; they’re requiring people to go out and buy Blizzard cards to apply money to their Blizzard Balance to pay back the chargeback.


Yeah good luck with that.

You authorised the charges.

Requesting a charge back will cause a lot more problems for you than you probably don’t realise.


Why did you delete your main character?

There is no way to accidentally delete a character btw - you have a confirmation window.


So, you make a mistake and delete a character, bypassing all of the safeguards and confirmation, and you’re mad at Blizzard???


I wonder if they can just transfer my character to a new realm to restore it. Have you heard anything like that happening?

You are not the first to ask this, but the answer I’ve seen each time is a no to that as well. Because it’s deleted, to restore it is the same in their system as creating a new character, which is currently locked on that realm. It is something hardcoded in and GMs cannot even override it. There is some metric that allows these things only if you’ve got a live character on the realm, but once you clear it of characters - you, unfortunately, have absolutely no recourse. The locks are the be-all-end-all right now.

This isn’t how it’s going to be forever, the locks will be lifted at some point. But that is a decision that only Devs will make. No other staff has that power to make the call or override the locks, so it is just a waiting game until the decision is made and implemented. There is currently no ETA, but since it’s been a few weeks since their last update on things, I am crossing my fingers that there should be some before too much longer.

I am sorry you’re in this predicament, there just isn’t anything anyone can do about it. That’s how it’s been since WotLKC has operated since pre-patch and like I mentioned above - for all the mistakes, mishaps and crazy things that people have done, I have yet to see anyone be granted an exception. Accidental deletes or purposeful deletes in trying to fix something buggy, they’ve all been denied.


You do know doing charge backs when they are not legit is a crime, Called Fraud and if blizard shared this with your bank you might have bigger issues then you can even think of right now.

This problem is something you did to yourself! Like everyone else said you get a window you have to type in Delete and hit enter. Not something you can do by accident.