Grobbulus is down!

Server crash and my queue went from 7000 to 500 :smiley:

thats how i got in so fast hahahahaha

Anyone know how long it lets you afk before it kicks u off?

lucky guy … I was in and now I am 1500 position

this is some god damn bullshi7

i’ll trade ya - i’m 4579

thanks for having me que for 1hr and 30mins to be thrown back into que for another 70mins, who’s paying for my time wasted?


lmaoooo Transfer Restrictions and Free Character Transfers Now Available - Blizz is the WOAT. Only PvP transfer option from Grobb is to a server with 800ppl and 98.1% horde

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Its a good sign all the players are coming back

Yea…If you’re not on any of the realms that got closed down for transfers you’re pretty much screwed

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Oh! A blast from Emerald Dream’s past!

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Anyone elses que time just not moving? been at 38 minutes for like 30 minutes now lol


How many of these people logging in are just bots trying to take advantage of the new economy and boosts? I remember this being a huge issues in Lost Ark, I know Blizz is more proactive but I have a hard time thinking that there are literally suddenly 8000+ more people who want to be on Grob than before.

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These queues are terrible. Something needs to be done.

Why we have to queue, Blizzard so stupid.

Welcome back, Urinal. :smiley:

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Grobb is a WPvP MASSACRE! Enjoy :wink:

nice :slight_smile: onto gluth

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