Transfers to Pagle?

My main is on Pagle plus my other alts. Eranikus is pretty dead especially for players that like to level. This toon was on Faerlina and thats even worse for alliance but think i just want all my toons together. Why cant we bring over a toon if we already have our main ones there anyway? Dont come for me because i guess i dont understand how it works, but im already adding to the population with being on that server anyway so why cant it be open to those situations? Also kinda glad i couldnt use my 70 boost on Eranikus now hah.

CS doesn’t have feedback on these restrictions, sorry.


Also still waiting for Pagle to open up to paid transfers. It seems a little silly that you can make a character if you don’t have one there, you can boost it, but you can’t transfer to it.
I just want to bring my main over to play with friends.