Level 72 so far folks

i dont give gold to losers with an attitude and nothing constructive to add to the conversation. but have a great day.

you do happen to be on one of the most populated servers. at least i think skyfury is one o fthe megas.

I actually enjoy the wrath questing

Go OP - you got this ez!

skyfury actually has a lot less pop now, like 5kally/3-4k horde. it was a mega at the start though

its hard to keep track which server is mega which is on faction or balanced, its all completely different than it was, used to be most servers were balanced, but alot of servers have shifted one way or the other because a certain type of folks just want wins, they dont want to compete.

Might get some people going in. They unlocked it today.

oh nah skyfury is pretty balanced still… less population but it’s still like 60/40

oh what —…hopefully no more alliance -_-

You had 8 weeks of a 50% XP buff to level.
There was never an XP buff to level from 70-80.

This is 100% a you problem. Get good perhaps.

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did i misread that? does new character creation allow new players or just existing players to create new alts?

Have you tried turning the poop sock inside out? That’s twice the poop sock per poop sock


I’m still convinced it’s mostly one or two dudes mega-butthurt about RDF spending hours per day posting in the forum on alts, agreeing with themselves, and spamming other non-rdf threads with ‘wow, things sure would be better with RDF, am I right?!’.

What is it, 30 characters max per bnet account?

Sounds like dragonflight will be more your speed as all conquest gear (farmable through random battleground and random epic bgs) is equal for pvp regardless of rating.

So you should be able to level to cap in a week or so and then just play unrated pvp for fun without being outgeared.

Work… Maybe he have kids, family…
I can’t play the same amount of time I played back then in 2008…
I’m 72 now (but it took me a month to level from 20 to 70 (I was on lvl 20 when I returned, was such a nice surprise haha)


Dude put some effort into it. You can either tank or heal as a druid and make groups stop being lazy. Get off the forums and play the game or quit.

This is me exactly. I feel our kind is rare here.

why do you antirdf ers never understand. always the same bs. how bout you get off the forums and go play with the thousands of group runs you head up.

This would be cool if they launched Dragonflight with the 3.3.5 patch and all the wotlk talents and systems. However, at the end of the day its still modern wow, and it still feels completely different from old wow.

not rare, but getting there. im the same way but sub is running out and there are other options i can choose for a full wrath experience.

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Trust me id love to prefer modern wow over classic wow, because of some of the conveniences like RDF and less grindy gearing. The fact is I personally dont play classic because i like the grindy systems, i play because i prefer the game engine, the class feel and design, the damage/hp tuning, and the classic lore. But i HATE the feel and class design of retail so much… it hasnt felt like wow to me since pre-legion.

There was a time when i could poopsock and spend my entire waking moments playing wow, but in my mid 30s with a thriving career, LTR, and other real social obligations and interests… its just not possible.

Honestly, im a little surprised people sweat as hard as they do for classic. I would have thought it would end up being the opposite… lots of Millennials enjoying their old favorite game as a nostalgia escape. But, alas, those types seem uncommon.