Low population horde on Westfall US

Are there other servers that are 99% alliance like our server?

We literally only have 2 guilds that started doing Ulduar 25 so far on horde side…

I am one of the only people in our raid that actually farms for potions and has some good parses on some fights so far.

I type /who 80 in the afternoon and there are 22 people total…

I like playing this game and I love the people in my guild but now with heroic + difficulties and no one to help, it feels like its completely falling apart now… people are going to quit playing and get discouraged when they show up to a group and have to stop doing a H+ after 1 boss taking possibly over an hour because they are trying to faceroll and win mediocre gear with an 80 in quest gear and a 3200 GS

Are we completely doomed over here?

Can Blizzard do anything to rebalance or encourage free transfers to here?

This sucks.

Yes. Benediction is 99% alliance.
pagle is 99% alliance.
Westfall is 99% alliance.

New to the game? lol

Its a PvE server anyways. Dont really need both factions

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Good questions!

Do you have any idea what would be a reasonable course of action?

Yeah, it does…

When WoW Classic first launched, servers were so full that I had something crazy like an 11 hour queue on Faerlina!

Wanting to play with my guild, of course I had no choice but to wait. But, also being really excited about the new lunch of Classic and wanting to experience it, I paid for a second account so I could roll an alt and hop right into the game.

There were some new servers opened after the initial launch, a couple within hours… and one was Kurinnaxx. I rolled an alt warrior there and only played it during queue times.

I got to level 58 on that Warrior, while waiting in queue! Anyway, I ended up gearing it out a bit and raiding through Naxx on that warrior. Even though it was an alt, I really liked the server community and that character.

Not long after TBC Classic launched, there weren’t even 10 people returned from a /who. I transferred that war to my main server Faerlina.

About 3 weeks later they offered free transfer off Kurinnaxx, and Faerlina Alliance did a mass exodus to Benediction.

I’ve been playing Wrath Classic on Skyfury since its launch. So far, I’m having fun, but there’s always the thought in the back of my head that this too is able to fall apart any moment. Though, it does feel like Blizzard has been making an effort to better keep populations reasonable this time around.

We’ll see I suppose!

If I don’t get my 5 conquest today on my main toon and then tonight have to carry 15+ people through a Nax 25 catch up group for 5 hours then I’m going to have to do some thinking and some considerations for real…

This server on horde keeps getting thinner by the day. My guild had 4 raid leaders quit since this summer when I was doing Black Temple/Hyjal/ZA runs on the weekends

westfall has been alliance dominant since its release

I just picked the first east coast server I saw that wasn’t full last summer… I have been playing a lot more since we had an influx of people for Naxx and it seems half of them are gone. I would really like the R D F especially for us folk over here!

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Unfortunately the only available EST realm that is not locked with a decent Horde pop is Ashkandi

Dude its been 99% alliance for a very long time.

Maybe you are new to WOTLK i dont really know… but the horde all left during TBC and its been that way ever since.

Unfortunately, a good majority of PVP servers have turned into a PVE server because it’s 95-99% 1 way or the other. It’s been this way for these servers for a long while now… at least since TBC. Only a handful of a servers have a decent population of both, and even though it’s ‘decent’ it’s still imbalanced, for example, I believe Sulfuras is 30/70 horde dominant. As an alliance player on Sulf, I’ve absolutely felt the player decline. I personally have stopped playing there because it’s getting harder and harder to recruit and find dungeons/raids during offpeak hours. Gone back to Benediction.

I believe Faerlina is a locked server. It doesn’t matter to Blizzard what the population balance looks like, if the server is close to cap, it’s locked. As such, free transfers are not gonna happen. In fact, pretty sure they want people to take the free transfer OFF Faerlina, not to it. I believe the only thing that can be done with the imbalanced realms without opening up transfers to the server is for them to finally release race/faction change; which should be coming out this patch sometime, and that wouldn’t be free; it’d be a paid for service. You can read more about free character transfer off Faerlina here:

I guess I could deal with this low pop horde side better if we had RDF for my daily points… It took me 5 hours to get a H+ today for my main put together and then it took 25 minutes to actually do the dungeon… This isn’t just MISERABLE its STUPID and bad for my health when I was just trying to log on, do the daily, shower and go to get groceries before noon… Now I only have 2 hours until people start logging on for raid time… I will have to figure out something soon because I can only be on at certain times most of the week and this is becoming worse each day here.

@ Blizz. Bring back R D F for the next phase and I won’t have to go through the mental anguish, isolation, losing my friends here via me transfering (and people leaving/quitting for the same reasons I’m posting here) and then having to start all over.

I would identify as a ‘just below semi-HC raider happy to be in a guild with people that are just above casual that can still play well’, but I love these people here… when Wrath was current there wasn’t any situation like this and I had fun playing casually and getting my ‘crusader’ title on my paladin etc…

I can’t control this situation, so I came here to share how things are going over here

Not good,.


I tried making a Hordie on Westfall. The economy was absolutely DEAD, no way to buy/sell anything on the AH (which means farm everything on your own and make mules for every profession).

So I went to Ashkandi instead. I’d would’ve remained on Westfall if they had merged Faction Auction Houses. But noooooooo. Of all the changes creeping into WotLK, many unwanted ones, that one would’ve made sense WAY BACK IN TBC to address faction inbalance regarding the economy. Really is Too bad.

If everything fails, you’ll probably have to either re-roll or transfer on a horde-healthy server.

Atiesh horde here, and I still want to bring my warrior here from alliance…friends prefer horde, alliance is better >.> but yeah, we’re outnumbered.

I have to have an alliance bank toon parked in Stormwind and another parked in Booty Bay to actually get antyhing from the only AH on the server that has anything that isn’t junk

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Come join Legecy! Send me a dm on discord.


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