Any transfers from Arugal going to be available?

I’d started playing again a few months ago to get my Priest Wrath ready. It was lvl 60 on some dead server when I resubscribed.
PvP & World PvP are my thing, so I took the free transfer to Arugal because it seemed to be the only PvP server at the time with a decent Horde / Ally split.

Now my RL’s that said they weren’t going to play, are playing & they are all on Mankrik.

Wondering what my options might be?

If you want to play on Mankrik your options are to buy a transfer or to level a character there.


I’m afraid that realm is not currently eligible for a Free Character Move. Those are listed here.

As Eilis mentioned the only options currently available would be to purchase a character transfer to an available realm, or create and level a new character on a realm of your choosing (obviously not a quick or easily solution).

If you would like to see other options I’d recommend posting in the Classic Discussion forum so our Game Developers can see it.