[Classic] Why Can't I Pay to Transfer to Sulfuras?

What is going on with Sulfuras transfers? I understand free transfers have expired now, and are no longer being accepted, but neither are paid for transfers. The server just kind of quietly got locked last week, and nothing has ever been said about it.

I’d also be curious to know why you can’t transfer characters to locked servers you already have a pre-existing character on when you can only take up 1 spot on the server per account anyway? I can’t log into all 5 of my characters at once on 1 account, and can only use 1 at a time, so why is it I’m stopped from PAYING to transfer characters from Benediction to Sulfuras, which I already have existing level 70’s on?

I don’t feel like this is good business. We were pressured to take these free transfers, people do, and servers then get free transfers removed and some servers, like Surfuras get ninja locked. I just don’t understand why paid transfers are not being accepted to a server I already have pre-existing characters on, that are on the same account.

We’re 1 week away from Wrath launch, and I feel like something has to be said…

Unfortunately, that’s not really something that CS can answer short of, because transfers to that server are locked.

If you feel that they should allowed, you’ll need to post in the WoyLK General forums so that your feedback is seen by the community managers there.


While I understand what you’re saying, my overall point was why was Sulfuras ninja locked without any sort of statement, even a week later.

That’s how those free transfers work. In fact, when they open up those sorts of transfers, they always mention that once the threshold is met the transfers will be disabled.

In fact, it was in the original post here:


This makes sense for free transfers. My question was in regards to PAID transfers.

Mate, they’re not going to really go into details as that’s a dev call, and they don’t come here to answer basically random questions. If you want to get this in front of folks who can, follow the link Pearl gave.


Access to any transfers can be affected by the current realm numbers. For realm stability and in order to keep login queues to a minimum they may stop all transfers. They sometimes even stop new character creation. If you are having trouble moving there you may need to try during a non-peak time, like the middle of the night., when there are a lot fewer players logged in.