US - Benediction server lag

Getting some absurdly choppy play right now on Benediction. Seems like it is just some of the servers having this issue. Happening both inside/outside of instances. Can’t seem to find any post or info on this yet.


just transfer bro - blizz

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This was an issue nearly a year ago when folks started dog-piling the server.

Yeah, megaservers…

This could help…

Same, i have raid in 45 mins and im getting fps drops every few seconds, actually unplayable


Disable your questie addon
Trust me

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Already done before the lag was there but 100% agree with you it is like 30mb Addon
memory you don’t need

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Last 4 nights Ive been getting this lag, started Sunday. I wish I could understand whats going on its just WoW thats lagging.

I’ve been experiencing the same thing on Grobbulus.

anytime im in an instance everyone is teleporting the entire time

the servers are maxed out because there’s too many fat, sweaty, immature nerds clogging them up.

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But muh community!

i assure you that as dps you get into groups faster with bulletinBoard than you do with an autoqueue where you wait your fair turn in line.

TBH, I frequently have 60-90 min of play time, when I get the time. I’d rather queue up and do whatever instead of stare at the screen hoping for a group.

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Ah is very slow also

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