Server Xfers and Boosts on Skyfury

Would be really cool to get some communication from Blizzard regarding their plans for “opening up” the fresh-start servers.

As of the new patch, the option to select Skyfury for server transfers has been added to the menu. However, it gives you an error saying the server isn’t currently open for transfers. The boost-token icon is no longer grayed-out, but when you actually try to create the boosted character it says “internal error.”

It seems like the functionality has been added, but is currently broken.

I can’t speak for everyone, but for me, the “honeymoon phase” for the fresh-start realms has ended. It feels like a regular low-pop server, minus the same QoL services that are present on other realms. I think allowing players to use their boost tokens, and transfer alts over from other realms would help alleviate some of the pain-points common on low-pop servers. At least temporarily.

I would settle for an update though!

They have already communicated. They’ve already stated they will not be unlocking the servers that are still locked anytime soon, I think it’s safe to assume this would also include Skyfury. Unfortunate reality is, Skyfury isn’t the only server having issues, in fact, MOST servers are, excluding maybe like 5 or 6 of them. I think the fact that it’s the transfer is no longer greyed out, is simply a bug as Skyfury I an only assume is included among the servers they’ve already stated will not be unlocked anytime soon… which was only said within the last like 6 weeks.

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Yea, I feel bad for Skyfury. It was the only one of the fresh servers that fell into the Meme category. Mostly due to being PVP.

Maladath is pretty balanced and in good health, even better with the Ulduar patch.

Skyfury isn’t locked in that sense. It’s not locked for new character creation, it is an unlocked server. If it was not a “fresh-start” server, it would be open for transfers.

Problem is these days its feeling more like “slow death” than “fresh start”

People who currently play on Skyfury can not transfer old alts IN, or use a boost token if they have one. It has been getting harder and harder to fill raids, and some new players or a few raid-ready alts would help.

Ah okay, I see. idk what I was thinking thinking that it was locked. Sadly though, even if it’s still opened to character creation, it’s in the same boat as the locked servers that are struggling regardless. Sever is dying, people can’t transfer to it. Even if transfers were open, if the server is dying, no one is gonna transfer over.

Forget the transfers then, even just letting players use their singular boost token if they bought one would help.

Like if ppl are still worred about preserving a long-dead “fresh start,” at least that wouldn’t unbalance the economy or bring in unobtainable mounts etc. like transfers could.

Just let the players of Skyfury use the boost token they paid for on the server they play on, if they want to. It seems pretty reasonable to me.


Realistically though, I don’t believe many would use their single boost token on a server that is dead or dying. They’d wanna go somewhere that actually had population. I don’t think anyone’s thinking “Let me go pay to use my 1 time boost for a character on this dying realm.” Even if we said they did wanna use their boost on their dying server, then what?? Your 3000 player population might yield 400 new alts?

I can’t speak for the population as a whole, but I can speak for myself.

I paid $80 for the Wrath Classic: Whale Edition. I’ve played on Skyfury since day one. The fresh start was great, but has ended and our population is shrinking. I’m not trying to transfer off quite yet, I still like it here. I would like to use my boost token on an alt to help fill our second 10-man group, because we have too many for a single 10-man and too few for a reliable second 10-man.

I’m not saying people are going to use their tokens in droves or mass-transfer to save Skyfury. I’m saying that people who play there should at least have the option.

You know what friend, I actually do understand where you’re coming from, and tbh, I agree. IF someone should choose to boost on a dying server, they should have that option. Now that Skyfury isn’t ‘new’ and is pretty much caught up to the same point all pre-existing servers are at, why shouldn’t it be allowed. Regardless of how many would choose to use their one time boost on a server that’s suffering a population decline, the option should be there for those that WOULD like to.

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the players who screamed “fresh” endlessly should get to witness their creation. The server should be preserved as a testament to NEVER again question Blizzard’s divine will.

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I’m hopeful we’ll see something soon with the boost icons becoming a thing (even if they error out) and it being listed on xfer list.

…hopefully those aren’t just unexpected bugs from the patch

I know you’re memeing, and I wasn’t going to bring this up, but I would say this situation is largely a creation of Blizzard.

This is obviously editorial, but I think the big thing that hurt the Skyfury population was Blizzard creating Angerforge and offering free transfers from Skyfury.

It was a response to the short-term problem with queue times that had long-term negative results for both realms. Hindsight is 20-20, but it wasn’t sustainable.

It took just over two months for it to become enough of a problem that they tried to pull a complete 180 and roll it back. It doesn’t work like that though.

I sympathize with the devs trying to balance making the right choice in the face of overwhelming (and shortsighted) negative feedback from players. At the end of the day that’s their job though, and it wasn’t the right call. (In my humble opinion)

Skyfury lost 95% of its “server identity” during the AF transfers.

you’re not wrong but …

at the time there was a small vocal crowd who was convinced… CONVINCED that the end of the world was upon us.

if i was working for a company where the customers treated me the way we treat Blizzard, every decision I’d make would be ‘corrupt-a-wish’ in desguise…

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Yeah, I get what you’re saying. It’s common knowledge that the WoW community has it’s fair portion of toxic players. We are not the first people to notice a strangely adversarial relationship between Blizzard and the WoW playerbase. I’m not going to go down the rabbit-hole of why that is.

I’m sure Blizzard gets tons of abusive communication from players on a regular basis, which takes its toll. With that being said, Blizzard is the one in control. They can moderate, silence, ban, and otherwise limit their exposure in various ways.

Also, as a “freelance” 3D artist, I can tell you that working for Blizzard is one of the common dream jobs in game development. It’s like Pixar for an animator, or ILM for a VFX artist. It would be an absolute privilege to contribute to a project like WoW. I would imagine it’s a pretty satisfying job, even with the toxic players.

Blizz is doing fine, there’s no conspiracy. I just want them to update us on their plans for Skyfury lol.

I just play on this server and talk to my friends in discord. We can’t play together because they are all on Grob a locked server. So we just chat and dont play, feels kinda lonely sometimes when they are all raiding together. But im still having some fun with it

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Dang. That’s rough! It shouldn’t be like that. :slightly_frowning_face:

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